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Today is finally May 31.  Now, it's time to feature some awesome professional art and designs.  Many people have submitted their pieces, but only few people made it.  Here are some top-notch works:


Flame On- Luke 3:16 by SympleArts

Vengeance Is Mine- James 1:20 by SympleArts

Kamikaze- John 10:18 by SympleArts

Manolo- Isaiah 8:10 by SympleArts


Shiva by z-a-i-n-a


Product Promotion Flyer by Saptarang


<da:thumb id="533605026"/>


<da:thumb id="507860648"/>

<da:thumb id="492520236"/>


ShalasTestpage1 by DarthSkooba


Golden Decorum by Pandanoid



Sweet Flat Journal Skin by Quiless

Explore Journal Skin by Quiless


Tower Sentinel by VincentVanHoof


Ariana Grande by Oskar-Draws


Ibn Raad by Mine96


Adidas - Unite All Originals by benhewittcreative


Drum n' mouse by fablau


Stripped by Kyla-Nichole

On May 31, I will be featuring professional-quality art and design pieces. It can be anything--illustrations, paintings, web designs, magazine designs, logos... Anything! As long as it's professional-quality and I like it, I'll feature it on my journal.

Examples of what I'm looking for

Adidas - Unite All Originals by benhewittcreative

Drum n' mouse by fablau

Stripped by Kyla-Nichole


Any graphic nude or sexual art will disqualify the artist's work from being featured.

Skin created by Deven Garber "Deven Design"

Behance Portfolio:
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the-b3ing's avatar
Here, why not. :D
Inktober- Beingchu by the-b3ing No-One by the-b3ing
rhavendc's avatar
Hope you find beauty in these...

Untitled by rhavendc Einstein X by rhavendc Red Chili by rhavendc
da-hazard's avatar
I hope you like my works, a few of them :

After Sorrows there's Love by da-hazard  Kaneki Ken by da-hazard  Abandoned Lighthouse by da-hazard  
DevenDesign's avatar
That third one looks really cool!  I love how surreal it is.
da-hazard's avatar
Thank you so much! i'm glad you like it ^^
z-a-i-n-a's avatar
Thank you for giving me the opportunity, I hope that you like my artworks.
DevenDesign's avatar
Yeah.  Anytime!
Saptarang's avatar
Here are my design and thank you for letting me know :)

OnEvent - Special Event WordPress Theme by Saptarang Photography Landing Template by Saptarang Electron Music Event Landing Page by Saptarang Business Solution and Consulting Postcard by Saptarang Bestaste Food Billboard and Roll Up Banner by Saptarang Product Promotion Flyer by Saptarang
DevenDesign's avatar
These designs are so awesome they just make you want to see more!
DevenDesign's avatar
Now, the first one is a WIP.  DeviantArt doesn't always automatically update thumbnails when you replace the artwork.  So, I'm wondering, when will this one be finished?
tobitguren's avatar
Is 3 to 4 days okay? I can have it done soon.
DevenDesign's avatar
Yeah.  That's ok.  I just don't want to have to update the thumbnail after this piece is featured.
DevenDesign's avatar
Oh man!  These are awesome!  I especially like the first picture you showed me.
Neywa's avatar
Thank you!! :)
DevenDesign's avatar
Stardust looks so cool!  If you submit that one, I'll feature it, too!
Neywa's avatar
Yesss… it's my fav picure, I have it on the wall in my room, super dreamy :D
DevenDesign's avatar
Your designs are awesome!
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