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Sultan Alauddin Khilji with Kafur Malik Naib

The second and the most powerful ruler of the Khalji dynasty Sultan Alauddin Khalji (d.1316) who ruled Delhi Sultanate and became one of the greatest conquerors of India. Who are Khilji? It is a Turkic tribe that was named after a village in Afghanistan. Originally Turkic people that came to India.

"The Khiljis were a Turkish tribe but having been long domiciled in Afghanistan, and adopted some Afghan habits and customs. They were treated as Afghans in Delhi Court" ('History of Medieval India' R. S. Chaurasia)

And Alauddin's
general, a powerful eunuch Kafur Malik (d.1316) who commanded sultan's forces during most his military campaigns. This handsome eunuch, a Hindu slave from Gujarat, who had embraced Islam - became Sultan's great love. Alauddin was infatuated by his beauty and made him his lifelong favorite.
Despite their tragic end, their feelings were still there, in their hearts, even if their hearts are buried, they made their history.

Art by Elv
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Absolutely gorgeous. Love the Oriental flavor. Pity it isn't in higher resolution; I'd seriously have this printed out as a poster. :)

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Thank you! On our Patreon we post high-resolution artworks, including this one too ^^

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This is real really lovely. 
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breathtaking!! :w00t:
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Damn ironically tragic yet beautiful
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You have skills man!😍
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so i always do that red finger thing with my henna paste because i like how it looks, do you know if there is more meaning to red fingers? You seem like someone who'd know~ :3
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Red is the symbol of love, sun, blood, life, happiness, joyfulness, so in the Eastern region people apply the red henna on their toes and fingers for good luck and protection. It is usually done on religious holidays or celebrations like wedding, birthday etc.
Afghan men with henna on their hands
Afghan boys too
In Afghanistan both children and adults do that
On wedding in India both groom and bride apply too
Kind regards
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Very interesting! I looked up this story in history! I love tales of mere slaves rising to greatness because of their intelligence! Awesome interpretation!
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True that Kafur Malik was from the family of warriors, he was born in Kshatriya caste that's why he could easily become a warlord, but yeah, the fact that he 'conquered' Sultan's love and trust is - indeed an amazing rise to power.
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