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Dark, sensual, romantic love between Alauddin Khilji and Malik Kafur.

Alauddin & Malik Kafur 
“Sultan Alauddin Khilji fell madly in love with the effeminate beauty of Malik Kafur who was very intelligent; the boy became his consort and the general of his army.”

Just history facts
Malik Kafur was a prominent military and first hindu (later converted to Islam) general of sultan Alauddin Khilji, the most powerful Khilji ruler of the Delhi Sultanate. 
Malik Kafur was very intelligent and unusually genius commander, characterized by cruelty. He led three campaigns in Southern India from 1294 to 1316 AD. In fact, Kafur was regarded as the de-facto ruler towards the end of Alauddin’s reign. 

"Later, of course, during the time of the Mughals, other eunuchs came to have the emperor’s ear, many of them going on to play a crucial role in the court politics. Some were loved, others loathed. But it was always because of their actions, never their sexuality."
-- The Age of Wrath: A History of the Delhi Sultanate, by Abraham Eraly

Ala-ud-din set his sights on Somnath and demolished it again.
...Cambay was seized and plundered and here a captured Hindu slave captivated the sultan. His value was one thousand dinars and he quickly espoused Islam. He was also a eunuch of such beauty that the sultan fell for his epicene handsomeness and appointed him his senior commander. His name was Malik Kafur but he was known by his nickname ‘thousand-dinar Kafur’.

Malik Kafur did his king’s bidding in more than one way. An opportunist and a sycophant who knew his effeminate characteristics captivated the sultan, he quickly rose in ranks. Now a fanatical Muslim he took command of the incursions into the South and was instrumental in destruction of many temples. The eunuch lived upto the old adage that ‘one is more passionate about what one hates more than what one loves’. 
Thousand-dinar Kafur’s southern expedition continued in the following years. With the help of Yadavas of Devagiri who provided him with supplies and logistics to attack their southern neighbors, the Hoysalas of Dorasamudra. The Hoysala king did not resist the marching Muslims and even aided them by giving them passage to attack their southern hated neighbors, the Pandyans. 
...Kafur managed to enter Pandyan country in the south without having to fight a single war. He masterfully capitalized on the inevitable hatred of neighboring Hindu kingdoms. In the bargain, he also extracted a handsome ransom of gold, jewels, elephants and horses. Though he was not able to catch the elusive Pandyan king, Sundara Pandya, he did confiscate the gold idols of Madurai, Srirangam and Chidambaram temples.
-- History of Islam in India 
Ala-ud-din and his Eunuch General, by Dr. Neria H. Hebbar

The best known relationship was between Sultan Alauddin Khalji and his eunuch Malik Kafur. Such was Kafur’s hold over Khalji that he was appointed deputy ruler (Malik Naib). Ziauddin Barani, a commentator on Alauddin’s reign, said in reference to the last years of the Sultan’s life, “In those four or five years when the Sultan was losing his memory and his senses, he had fallen deeply and madly in love with the Malik Naib. He had entrusted the responsibility of the government and the control of the servants to this sodomite”.
-- Same-Sex Love in India: Readings in Indian Literature
edited by R. Vanita, S. Kidwai

Ala-ud-din succumbed to illness and died in 1316, Malik Kafur died in 1316 too. They were together for about 20 years.

Art by Deva.
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What made u so relatable to create this painting and make it look so vividly real ?

How do u get inspiration for such beautiful creations?

Are ,u urself like eunuchs ?