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Free and unappreciated.

Sun Jun 2, 2013, 9:14 PM

Today I got told that my apps should be free as deviantART is free. After hearing this dozens if not hundreds of times since I first started creating iOS apps for deviantART in my free time, I've finally gotten to the stage in my mind where I feel that I need to address this problem.

My deviantART apps all originate from my own personal need for them. dAmnMobile, I wanted to chat on dAmn via my iPhone then my iPad when I eventually got one. dA Messages, I wanted to check my messages in a better user interface than the mobile site provided at that stage. dA Uploader, I wanted to upload to my quickly with a simple UI. The side effect of me wanting these personally is that you received them as well.

The concept in people's mind that third party apps should be free as the website is needs to be corrected. My personal apps are either paid apps or apps with in-app purchases for a reason, that reason is that I like to be able to earn a little bit of money from my side projects. I put my own personal time into these apps, not any time that I am already paid for. Asking for my work for free, is like asking a graphic designer to design a website for free, you shouldn't do it. I work hard on my products and people that ask why it isn't free slowly grind me down to the point where I ask myself if my work is appreciated at all.

A lot of third party projects are available for use with deviantART but the creators are never thanked for their efforts and personal free time that they put into these projects.

For example, have you thanked the developers behind superdAmn recently? How about the BotLab developers for their endless work on the bots that help run hundreds of chats on dAmn? Or maybe baronbeandip for his work on Android apps? Why not go thank them now, they will appreciate it a lot and it will give them more of a reason to actually continue working on these projects in their own time.

I am of the belief that everything you do should be done to make a dent upon the universe. My deviantART related apps are created solely to improve other's experience while using deviantART on their iOS devices. Improving the experience of deviantART on mobile is one of my attempts to create my own small dent in the universe but without thanks and just criticism it slowly makes me question why I continue to work on these projects.

So please, go thank the developers of your favourite projects for their tireless work or even give thanks to the dt team for their work of creating deviantART as it is today. It will help show them that they are appreciated and will only take a moment of your time.

I leave you with but one thought, what are you doing to put your dent upon the universe?

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I have a quick stupid question:
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