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Endpoint Description
GET /browse/categorytree Fetch category information for browsing
GET /browse/dailydeviations Browse daily deviations
GET /browse/hot Browse whats hot deviations
GET /browse/morelikethis Fetch MoreLikeThis result for a seed deviation
GET /browse/morelikethis/preview Fetch More Like This preview result for a seed deviation
GET /browse/newest Browse newest deviations
GET /browse/popular Browse popular deviations
GET /browse/tags Browse a tag
GET /browse/tags/search Autocomplete tags
GET /browse/undiscovered Browse undiscovered deviations
GET /browse/user/journals Browse journals of a user


Endpoint Description
GET /collections/{folderid} Fetch collection folder contents
POST /collections/fave Add deviation to favourites
GET /collections/folders Fetch collection folders
POST /collections/folders/create Create new collection folder
GET /collections/folders/remove/{folderid} Delete collection folder
POST /collections/unfave Remove deviation from favourites


Endpoint Description
GET /comments/{commentid}/siblings Fetch siblings of a comment
GET /comments/deviation/{deviationid} Fetch comments posted on deviation
POST /comments/post/deviation/{deviationid} Post comment on a deviation
POST /comments/post/profile/{username} Post comment on a users profile
POST /comments/post/status/{statusid} Post comment on a status
GET /comments/profile/{username} Fetch comments posted on user profile
GET /comments/status/{statusid} Fetch comments posted on status


Endpoint Description
GET /curated Fetch available curated content
GET /curated/tags Fetch featured tags


Endpoint Description
GET /data/countries Get a list of countries
GET /data/privacy Returns the DeviantArt Privacy Policy
GET /data/submission Returns the DeviantArt Submission Policy
GET /data/tos Returns the DeviantArt Terms of Service


Endpoint Description
GET /deviation/{deviationid} Fetch a deviation
GET /deviation/content Fetch full data that is not included in the main devaition object
GET /deviation/download/{deviationid} Get the original file download (if allowed)
GET /deviation/embeddedcontent Fetch content embedded in a deviation
GET /deviation/metadata Fetch deviation metadata for a set of deviations
GET /deviation/whofaved Fetch a list of users who faved the deviation


Endpoint Description
GET /feed/home Fetch Watch Feed
GET /feed/home/{bucketid} Fetch content related to a Watch event
GET /feed/notifications Fetch Notifications
GET /feed/profile Fetch Profile Feed
GET /feed/settings Get feed settings
POST /feed/settings/update Change feed settings


Endpoint Description
GET /gallery/{folderid} Fetch gallery folder contents
GET /gallery/all Get the "all" view of a users gallery
GET /gallery/folders Fetch gallery folders
POST /gallery/folders/create Create new gallery folders.
GET /gallery/folders/remove/{folderid} Delete gallery folder


Endpoint Description
POST /messages/delete Delete a message or a message stack
GET /messages/feed Feed of all messages
GET /messages/feedback Fetch feedback messages
GET /messages/feedback/{stackid} Fetch messages in a stack
GET /messages/mentions Fetch mention messages
GET /messages/mentions/{stackid} Fetch messages in a stack


Endpoint Description
GET /notes Fetch notes
GET /notes/{noteid} Fetch a single note
POST /notes/delete Delete a note or notes
GET /notes/folders Fetch note folders
POST /notes/folders/create Create new folder
POST /notes/folders/remove/{folderid} Delete note folder
POST /notes/folders/rename/{folderid} Rename a folder
POST /notes/mark Mark notes
POST /notes/move Move notes to a folder
POST /notes/send Send a note


Endpoint Description
GET /stash/{stackid} Fetch a stash stack's metadata
GET /stash/{stackid}/contents Fetch stack contents
GET /stash/delete Delete a previously submitted file
GET /stash/delta Retrieve a list of all folders and submissions for a user
GET /stash/item/{itemid} Fetch stash item's metadata
POST /stash/move/{stackid} Move the stack into the target stack
POST /stash/position/{stackid} Change the position of a stack within its parent
POST /stash/publish Publish a item to deviantART
GET /stash/publish/categorytree Fetch category information for publishing
GET /stash/publish/userdata Fetch users data about features and agreements
GET /stash/space Check how much space a user has available for new uploads.
POST /stash/submit Submit files to or modify existing files
POST /stash/update/{stackid} Update the stash stack's details


Endpoint Description
GET /user/damntoken Retrieve the dAmn auth token required to connect to the dAmn servers
GET /user/friends/{username} Get the users list of friends
GET /user/friends/search Search friends by username
GET /user/friends/unwatch/{username} Unwatch a user
POST /user/friends/watch/{username} Watch a user
GET /user/friends/watching/{username} Check if user is being watched by the given user
GET /user/profile/{username} Get user profile information
POST /user/profile/update Update the users profile information
GET /user/statuses/ User Statuses
GET /user/statuses/{statusid} Fetch the status
POST /user/statuses/post Post a status
GET /user/watchers/{username} Get the user's list of watchers
GET /user/whoami Fetch user info of authenticated user
POST /user/whois Fetch user info for given usernames


Endpoint Description
GET /placebo Placebo call to confirm your access_token is valid