Deep Linking To Mobile Apps

Both IOS and Android mobile apps can be deep linked using the following custom url schemes.

Type URI
Browse Hot DeviantArt://browse/hot
Browse Undiscovered DeviantArt://browse/undiscovered
Browse Daily Deviations DeviantArt://browse/dailydeviations
Browse Today DeviantArt://browse/today
Watch Feed DeviantArt://watchfeed
Deviation DeviantArt://deviation/{deviation-UUID}
User Profile DeviantArt://profile/{username}
Status DeviantArt://status/{status-UUID}
Tag DeviantArt://tag/{tag}
Collection DeviantArt://collection/{username}/{folder-UUID}
Gallery DeviantArt://gallery/{username}/{folder-UUID}
Submit DeviantArt://submit/{deviation,journal,status,literature}
Browse MLT DeviantArt://browse/morelikethis/{deviation-UUID}
Comment DeviantArt://comments/{deviation,status,profile}/{itemid-UUID}/{comment-UUID} DeviantArt://stash/{stashid}

Most ids are UUIDs taken from the API, you will need to use the API to get the correct ids when generating links.

For Android you may need to use the Intent syntax, for these links the scheme should be DeviantArt and the package should be