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Which of your Original Characters have developed the most this year? and what were the developments made?
Which character has developed the least but still needs developing?
And who are some characters that you aim to develop the most in the next year?
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Character's Sheet: Samuel E. GreyName : Samuel Eugene GreyDOB : 6th of AugustAge : 26Blood Type : AB -Height : 185 cm/6'1Weight : 77 kg/168 lbsProfession : Self proclaimed "businessman"Appearance: Samuel is a tall, pretty well proportioned, and good-looking man with blonde hair and a few darker shades on the tips of it. He has dark blue eyes with a slightly lighter tone on the middle of the pupil, and there are black eye bags under both of his eyes due to his insomnia. Samuel loves to wear long sleeves white shirt and black trousers, he loves it because it's just simple and appropriate in any kind of condition (even though he unbuttons it most of the time; if he's indoor). As someone who started his life as a rebel/lawbreaker, he has a simple skull tattoo on his left neck which he had when he was 17. He also has a lot of piercings; 10 on both ears, 2 on his lips, 1 on his chin, and 1 on above of his left eyelids. He paints his fingernails with black nail polish (this was started by his girls who like to paint his nails during free times after working hours, but later it became a habit to him). Sometimes, Samuel can be seen wearing a dark green hand band and some black rubber band bracelets on his right hand. Personality:Samuel is a very narcissistic, arrogant, ignorant, and lustful individual. It is pretty rare to see Samuel's frown, he mostly puts up a little smile on his face, but no one knows what is his intentions behind that smile. He's very charismatic, persuasive, and yet... Manipulative. People who don't know who the real him is tends to be happy around him. He tells good stories, funny jokes, great deep conversation, but all of that is just for something he's having a target with. Samuel is actually sadistic, unstable, and completely messed up on the inside. He loves to abuse and rape girls who have some features of his ideal type of girl, this is what makes him a rapist until this very day. Also, he never hesitates to kill someone who gets in his way to achieve something. Even though it was mentioned that he's sadistic, Samuel doesn't enjoy torturing people for fun, he only tortures someone for their punishment (it usually applied to his worker girls or someone who won't talk about important information for him). When he's angry, Samuel is extremely rare to shout or showing angered expression*. Instead, he'll just put a flat face and go away, or on the extreme case... He will just shoot the person with his gun. Case closed. On the other side, Samuel does have a soft spot that is only limited for some people, especially his best friend-enemy Nevar.*) Not applied to his worker girls, they got shouted a lot when they do some mistakes.Background Story:Samuel was born to a couple of Robertson Grey and Marilyn Rose. Robert was a porter at the local harbor who is an alcoholic and abusive man. While Marylin is a prostitute who was also happened to be Robert's favorite girl. They were having intercourse very frequently until Marilyn finally developed some feelings toward Robert. She talked about her feelings to her favorite client, and surprisingly, Robert had the same thing to her. In short words, they finally agreed to live together, and start having a small family of their own. Thus, Samuel was born. But things weren't run well as what Marilyn expected to have such a happy and peaceful family. Robert didn't stop being an alcoholic and abusive, and it got even worse with Samuel around. Bills were getting higher, life was getting harder, and love was about to leave them. Marylin got hit, kicked, shoved many times whenever Robert's home from work. The only person who defended her was her only son, little Samuel who was just a 4 years old boy. Sometimes he took the hit from his own father for his mother. Blood and tears indeed it was.One time, Marylin finally had enough. She knew that she won't survive if she's still sticking with Robert. She made up her mind and started packing her things and Samuel's. She took young Samuel out from the house and headed out to the middle of the town. In one dark alley, Marylin took Samuel there and told him to wait for her while she's getting the groceries. She left... And never came back. She left Samuel there all alone without knowing that he was abandoned.It was almost been 5 days since Samuel got left in the dark, creepy, and silent alley. Wet, hungry, and all worn up until a nun found him and taking him to her orphanage. So, Samuel spent most of his life in this place. The nun was very nice to him, but it was a different case for other kids at the orphanage. Samuel couldn't talk/read properly because his parents never taught him, and the kids were mocking him because of this. But the nun who took him told him that there is nothing to be worried about because he can do things better later and the kids are just joking around, and Samuel took it. The same thing applied when he started his life at the school. Kids... Even teachers were calling him a retard. The bully got even worse, the teachers won't defend a stupid child, and the nun kept saying the same comforting words. Nine years go by, Samuel finally pulled himself together to study properly and he even managed to be a smart one, but the bully still surrounded him. He thought everything would be slightly better in middle school, but the fact said otherwise. He got beaten up every day, he loses his money that he got by himself for selling newspapers, someone threw his stuff into the river and broke his arm just for "kidding"... Yet, when he talked to his nun mother, he still... Got the same thing.He had enough. Samuel got snapped. The nun mother told him many times that violence was not the way, yet the other kids use it as a fun thing to do. He stood for himself. He started putting a pocket knife inside of his pants' pocket. When the bully kids started to nagging him again in the same quiet spot, Samuel finally put all of his guts to stop it. He did his first stab... On the leg of the kid who was a leader of the bullies. The knife was still stuck on the leg's meat, but Samuel didn't stop, he grabbed the pocket knife and pulled it his way, making the scar much bigger and bloodier. Everyone was in shock, and they ran like they were just seeing the devil, including the injured kid with tears all over his face. Now that young Samuel knew that the only thing that can control people is just fear and pain. So, he finally has chosen his path of life. He continued to intimidate people with it. The bullied has become the bully. It is like natural law. Samuel was the first rank in being a bully. He'd done horrible things. He stole something, got drunk, did drugs, even got his first rape by the age of 17. He did all of that without even feel a pang of single guilt. Until his nun mother found out what he was up to these days. So, she confronted him. Little did she know that this Samuel was not the Samuel that she used to know. Samuel got very irritated, and he started to question his nun mother about where she was when he needed her the most, what she did to protect him, what she did to defend him... But the nun mother gave her an unpleasant answer. Samuel wasn't happy, so he took the gun that he had and shot her right in the forehead. Then, he fled and never to be seen again in that town.Years go by, the news about the nun who got killed was almost not to be heard again. The suspect was still on the run. Samuel got off from his first kill. Later, he met with Nevar, when both of them were trying to pickpocketing each other. Samuel and Nevar were the perfect duos, they were the inseparable best friend. They took care of each other, and do their jobs (the job is mostly being a thief) together. But then, Samuel got bored, and he couldn't stand living just with plenty of money. So, he suggested Nevar to do things that could make more money. They started kidnapping some girls, took their belongings, and jewelry. The money was indeed increasing significantly, but Samuel still felt that it wasn't enough. At one time, they were doing their things as usual. When they got one pretty girl who wore a lot of jewelry, both of them got excited. Nevar was trying to flee after he got the precious stuff, but Samuel stopped him. He said it is time for them to make some more money. Eventually, they took the girl to their place, to see what Samuel would do to give them extra cash. They woke the girl up, and Samuel proceeded to talk to her. He offered the girl to be his sex worker (so he doesn't need to work so hard anymore), and then everything will be fine. He said he will be responsible for the food, place to live, and all, but of course the girl didn't buy it. Samuel offered her a few times, but the girl was very stubborn, so he got his patience ran out, and started torturing and raping her... Until he finally killed her. Nevar was very shocked and surprised, he never thought that Samuel would have gotten so far like this. On the other hand, Samuel was very extremely calm after all the things he had done brutally to the innocent girl. Nevar freaked out and he pointed out that what they're doing will leave a huge footprint on their criminal records, and it didn't even give them extra money like what Samuel has mentioned before. But Samuel responded to Nevar's shock professionally by mutilating the girl's body... And he said that now they can sell the organs to the black market that he had visited many times. He knew it would have been big cash to sell some organs like that. Surprisingly, Nevar didn't agree with that idea even though it was a promising huge cash business. While Samuel couldn't take Nevar's disagreement. Both of them were arguing with each other, it even led them to a big fight, until finally, Nevar decided to leave Samuel because he didn't want to involve in a bigger crime scene. In the end...They have taken their decisions, two separated ways for themselves. Samuel's Present Story:Samuel is now an owner of a brothel that is masked as a massaging and relaxation spa. He got his sex workers the same way like he used to do at his first victim (agree to work or to be killed), but some of them are also the girls who are willing to be his worker. Aside from being an owner of an expensive and exclusive brothel, sometimes Samuel still doing a robbery only to fulfill his fun mood meters. He's still seeing and doing business with Nevar a few times when Nevar offers some good deals. But things aren't like they used to be... Samuel is still extremely upset that Nevar left him due to silly reason which he claimed to be, yet deep down he can't hide his feelings that Nevar is the only person who can fill the hole inside of him, someone who actually understand, willing to live and act like an actual friend for him for a few years back then. Trivia:-Samuel captives Alessia just because she is precious to Nevar, and he wants to do something about her, even though it was said that he is also interested in her body's features. -Some of the worker girls were Samuel's ex-girlfriends who got manipulated and threatened.-Samuel's most trustful worker is named Natasha (I'll get her own character sheet and design later). Despite being the most trustworthy, Natasha is the one who gets tortured/vented the most, but Samuel gives some of the most important works to her. And sometimes, he is much more affectionate to her than the other girls.-His brothel is very exclusive and expensive because the girls are very pretty. It leads rich men to spend more time there.-Samuel is still killing and selling organs in the black market. The victims vary. For the sake of more money obviously.-No crime is perfect, to hide his flaws Samuel tends to bribe corrupt police officers.-He has his own connection to the crime world around the town he lives in, so whenever things got out of the plan (ex: one of his worker girl escaped without his consent), he'll know and he'll finish it off once and for all....
OC: SUSANOO OMIKAMI (SPANISH)SUSANOO OMIKAMINombre: SusanooApellido: OmikamiEdad: 18 añosGénero: Masculino (Él)Etnia: JaponésOrientación sexual: BisexualResidencia: Brescia, Lombardía (Italia)Familia:Izanagi Omikami (padre)Izanami Omikami (madre)Amaterasu Omikami (hermano mellizo mayor)Tsukuyomi Omikami (hermano mellizo menor)Personalidad y característicasÉl es el hermano medio de los trillizos Omikami. Es un chico valiente, amistoso, considerado y generoso, pero también muy terco, orgulloso e impulsivo.De índole enérgica, intrépida, gallarda, extrovertida y aventurera, el joven Susanoo resulta muy protector de sus hermanos, de forma especial de Tsukuyomi, el más joven de los trillizos, por su índole dócil, tímida, insegura y miedosa.Mima, protege, malcría y apoya en exceso a el hermano más joven y tiende muchas veces a pelear con Amaterasu, el más anciano de los trillizos, pero al final del día quiere también a él.Comparte con sus hermano un fuerte amor por los postres: sus favoritos son los que son hechos con chocolate y está dotado de un apetito tan insaciable al punto de ser perfectamente capaz de devorar un plato entero de pasteles en un parpadeo y de tragar una tarta entera de un solo bocado.Completamente loco de amor, tiende a convertirse en un mujeriego y hombreriego hecho y derecho cada vez que posa los ojos en dirección de una chica bonita o de un guapo joven y siempre tiene el mal hábito de ser extremadamente intrusivo (y también un poco lascivo) en su método de cortejo y atracción.Practica el kendo, el karate, el kick-boxing y el levantamiento de pesas en el gimnasio de Rose, la madre de Hana, y también le gusta mucho el canto, aunque desafine como una campana de una manera muy atróz.A pesar de su personalidad turbulenta, imprudente y, en ocasiones, tosca, adora las bombas de baños y tiene debilidad por los cuentos amorosos.
OC: SUSANOO OMIKAMI (ITALIAN)SUSANOO OMIKAMINome: Susanoo Cognome: Omikami Etá: 18 anni Sesso: Maschio (Lui/Egli) Etnia: Giapponese Orientamento sessuale: Bisessuale Residenza: Brescia, Lombardia (Italia) Famiglia:Izanagi Omikami (padre)Izanami Omikami (madre)Amaterasu Omikami (fratello gemello maggiore)Tsukuyomi Omikami (fratello gemello minore)Personalità e caratteristicheÈ il mezzano della tripletta Omikami. É un ragazzo coraggioso, amichevole, premuroso e altruista, ma anche testardo, orgoglioso e impulsivo. Dall'indole energica, intrepida, focosa, estroversa e avventurosa, il giovane Susanoo si dimostra essere estremamente protettivo nei confronti dei fratelli, in special modo del minore di età, Tsukuyomi, a causa della sua indole docile, timida, insicura e timorosa. Coccola, protegge, vizia e supporta all'inverosimile il fratello più piccolo e tende spesso a bisticciare con Amaterasu, il maggiore della tripletta, a causa delle loro personalità fortemente contrastanti l'una con l'altra, ma in fin dei conti vuole bene anche a lui.  Condivide assieme ai fratelli un forte amore per i dolci: i suoi preferiti sono quelli al cioccolato ed è dotato di un appetito talmente insaziabile al punto da essere perfettamente in grado di divorare in pochissimo tempo un intero piatto di pasticcini e di ingoiare in un sol boccone una torta intera! Ragazzo dalla cotta facile, tende a trasformarsi in un cascamorto fatto e finito ogniqualvolta che riesce ad addocchiare una bella ragazza o un bel ragazzo e ha la cattiva abitudine di essere estremamente invadente (e a tratti leggermente lascivo) nel suo metodo di corteggiamento e attrazione. Pratica il kendo, il karate, il kick-boxing e il sollevamento pesi presso la palestra di Rose, la madre di Hana, ed è anche un grande appassionato di canto, malgrado sia stonato come una campana in maniera a dir poco stravolgente. Nonostante la personalità turbolenta, spericolata e, seppur a piccoli tratti, grezza, ama alla follia le bombe da bagno ed è un inguaribile romanticone.
OC Reference sheets
[Horror? Oc] -Alone- by CallXMeXAngel
Khaelianor by Alita-Berserker
Doroteya reference by Lusass
Odezy reference 2020 by Lusass
OC-Tober challenge
OC-Tober 2020 - 16: If they were a villain by Kaleidechse
OC-Tober 2020 - 13: With their partner by Kaleidechse
OC-Tober 2020 - 12: With a new Hairstyle by Kaleidechse
OC-Tober Day 12 - Some Kinda Weird Hat by AverageEarthFolk



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