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Minecraft fanart-Spider Jockey

Minecraft fanart

And more:
The Creeper:
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Imagine Minecraft actually looked like this. That would be awesome

bro i came for porn dafuq is this

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This looks like it would've took hours, good job

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if minecraft was a horror game:

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This is awesome!!!

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THIS IS THE O.G SPIDER JOCKEY!!!! I can't remember how many times I've seen this! You are a legend

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I know this was 7 year. But I wanted to say that what you made has become legendary throuout Minecraft's community. This is one of the most famous pieces of MineCraft art of all time. And even years latter, it still looks amazing! Congratulations on such a huge achievement!
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I would like to play minecraft as mob vrs players, would be lots of fun
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thats amazing!
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Can You Do The Gaurdian and Elder Gaurdian
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That skeleton looks oddly not human- is he an alien?
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Ok I get it now, it's supposed to have a cubic head
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Could I use this? I will give you full credit of course.
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What if I'm Chuck Norris?
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ooh too cool!!! =)
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I remember my first spider and skeleton
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