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Illustration for Warhammer: Invasion LCG.
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Truely, Madly, Deeply ... in his heart he is a Vegetarian.
And Surely he has a sexy Slaaneshi as a wife and likes baseball.
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And has credit card debt issues and his son got 2nd place in the science competition last week
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Just wait for the crazy Bloodthirsters: Once in my primary school such a guy ... and i was next him on the desk: Ouuh my blood-god!
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Bloody fukin beautiful and is it just me or is he making threatening gesture?
Velvet-Eldar's avatar
He is cooking, tasting if the soup needs salt.
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Best detail ive ever seen on a blood letter =)
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Adding Bloodletters to Dawn of War was a step up from the softer Horrors of Tzeentch.
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Bloody deamonic :D
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Do you mind if I would try and draw this?
Very nice!
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very cool indeed
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wpppt! Keep up the great work!
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jesus dude its awsome can i have it as a poster?
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this is awesome insta fave
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Badass! A good looking Bloodletter
VeteserusLupus's avatar
Вау... Выглядит великолепно)))
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Wow, your stuff is totally inspiring. I hope I can draw like this when I'm older :) keep well.
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Man that's total awesome !!!
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Skulls for The Skull Throne!
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Blood for the Blood God!
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Milk for the Khorne Flakes!
tylero79's avatar
Of course. How else would I enjoy such a bloody thirsty meal?
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godlike work my friend 8D +fav
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