Galerie - Feature: Kunsthandwerk Teil 2

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By Limaria

Pantalon en lin et serre-taille reversible (rouge) by Le-Papillon-57  Old by sheorun  Hydreigon plush by PinkuArt
enlighten the elements by TiKy2010 Diva by DeathMystery Sonwukong by KitBoab
Parmesanknife, Dagger by dreieinhalb  The Realm of Sin by Panthaleon  Melian - Opal Necklace by FILIGRY
  Gutenstein Style Sword Scabbard by Meredyth Silva Favus by Silva-Aurea Bookbinding - golden autumn by Creative-Caro
Lifesized Wolf by Kreativjunkie <da:thumb id="651872818"/> Puss in Boots by MyFantasticWorld Shut up by Labeculas-Dollhouse

:heart: Limaria

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Limaria's avatar
Gern geschehen :)
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Creative-Caro's avatar
Sehr cool! Dankeschön!
sheorun's avatar
Vielen, vielen Dank für das Feature!! Hat mich sehr gefreut :love:
Le-Papillon-57's avatar
Oh vielen Dank für das Feature ! :wow: Es freut mich, dass es euch so gefallen hat !
Limaria's avatar
Nichts zu danken :D
TiKy2010's avatar
Coole Sammlung! Danke für's Feature :)
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Meredyth's avatar
Vielen Dank für das Feature! :)
Limaria's avatar
Gern geschehen :D
MyFantasticWorld's avatar
Danke für das Feature! :heart:
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