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Waterdeep Nights

Welcome to Waterdeep, the City of Splendours. Breathe it, taste it, smell it, feel it, see it, and then you will find what you were looking for... Or maybe not. Anyways, you will never forget it.

This is a kind of a promo image for a NWN 2 module we are making. It's too early to talk about it, so don't ask me any questions, all I can answer is "I don't know". The only thing that is certain is the place - Waterdeep. Just wish us luck! :)
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@Deusuum May I use this for an online streamed campaign?

I'd pay to see this campaign! It's a shame that after so many years, Waterdeep of all places still hasn't seen proper representation in any game or mod.
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I couldn't love it more :) My current story is based in Waterdeep (or at least the first 5 or so chapters) and I totally love seeing this!!
Hello, are you selling prints of this? I would love to give this as a gift for a friend.
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I live in the Castle Ward, right over there!  Yeah, the Wizard's Tower to the right of the castle!
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Hope you don't mind but I created a fleece blanket print for myself only, not for commercial use with this site:…
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Beautiful and I would add 'immersive' as I could picture myself there by looking at this :clap:
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Whoa...! Wow...! I can definitely breathe it, taste it, smell it, feel it and see it!
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I don't often comment on pictures, but i adore this. For years my mates and I met up for D&D and whatever games we were playing, my mate Hugh ran Forgotten Realms - he tragically died a few years ago and every time I think of Waterdeep I think of D&D all the stupid nonsense we got up to. Waterdeep was the playground of my youth and you've made it come alive.

Thank you.
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qIt looks fantastic! :D I really like this city.
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Как красиво! Просто невероятно! )
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Beautiful art :heart:
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Cool... it's like a night time version of this old image...

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Очень красиво. :) Еще давно видел этот рисунок, но так и не нашел автора - и очень рад, что теперь это изменилось. :) С удовольствием добавляю в фавы. Игра цвета великолепная. :)
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The City of Splendours! Amazing work! :)
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Amazing picture! Fav-ed ;).
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Ooh wow. The pic is perfect!
Sorry about the deluge of comments on the page in the page but the first two did not show and I thought they got lost or something.
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