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Sigil view by Fuflon

By Deusuum
This is an early drawing of Sigil by our dear don Fuflon. Actually, it is an illustration to a Planescape fan fiction novel (though written by a professional writer) Fire and Dust by James Gardner. Enjoy!
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AH, home sweet home. My birth place, yep, right there behind that fishmonger,
well it was that or let the Dusties give me mum a hand.

Possibly my favorite place ever thought up, and if I had a dime for every character I have
made whose origin is Sigil, my friend well I would have a bout a dollar ten.... :XD:
Oi! Is that the grand bazaar? What Ilike is that while using mostly muted colers you are still able to convey a sense of variation. What are thsoe glass containers in the background?
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They are from a fanfic called "Fire and Dust". Quite a worthy read, though it contradicts some official material.
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Och. This is fantastic. May I add your graphic as a Graphic of the Month on my polish planescape wiki? [link] Please answer :)
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Sure, no problem!
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It.... It's beautiful :omg:

Phenomenal presentation of Sigil! Oryginal climate of House of Doors... and I don't know what I can else write :)
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Good stuff!

Do you and Fuflon form some kinda team or something?
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We are friends, we share love to Planescape, our tastes have much in common... So yeah, it's a kind of a team, and finally we're making a common project. :)
flamencofrog's avatar
Awesome, yeah it seems to be working.

Do ya do much art yerself?
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Not really, I just edit images, sometimes make something out of the existing art... I'm a writer, not an artist. :)
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Oooooooh, okie doke, gotcha!

Have ya read my short story entitled Empire of Slavery?
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Not yet, but now I'll do so.
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I love traditional arts! I love Planescape fan arts! So... probably I love your arts! ;)

(...I will ascertain, when I see the rest of your arts ;))

(...and sorry for my english. I hope, that you unterstand me)
Deusuum's avatar
Your English is quite all right.
And thank you so much for your kind words. ;)
s-selene's avatar
...I saw rest of your arts, and I can say now, that they are really good and I like it :)
Deusuum's avatar
Thank you so much, glad to hear that! :love:
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Another great picture by Fuflon - and as always, it's truly amazing.

One question: why the marketplaces is so empty? Just few humanoids and a single khaasta...
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Must be an early morning, I guess. But Fuflon himself takes this picture as a sketch, just a simple drawing - yes, he's so very self-critical. :) Now he's planning to draw a really large and very detailed picture of Sigil, and we are discussing it together, so that to make it very accurate and true to the maps and descriptions in such books as In the Cage: a Guide to Sigil. You know, like Trioptic'Nic'Epona in the backgroung or another famous Sigil sight, such as a faction headquarter. We're still talking about that, but he already bought some acryl pain especially for this.
BTW, do you think I should post a sketch image from the upcoming comic - you know, to tease the public? :)
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Mhm... Just one remark to this painting (I hope it'll be helpful): the perspective on this picture seems wrong to me. It would be better if the inner side of Sigil's ring wasn't askew but rather straight. Also, the buildings in the background actually should be higher than those in the foreground.

"he's planning to draw a really large and very detailed picture of Sigil"

Wow, I'm looking forward to it : ). I'm sure it'll be really great.

"famous Sigil sight, such as a faction headquarter"

Be careful - remember about the consequences of the Faction War & Die, Vecna, Die! (like destroying of the Armory etc.). But Trioptic Nic'Epona... It's quite safe ; ).

"do you think I should post a sketch image from the upcoming comic"

Absolutely! Good luck!
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