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Sigil City of Doors by Fuflon

By Deusuum
Hey, cutter, when you are at the Outlands, near the Infinite Spire, try and shut your bone-box to raise your sodding head and look up. There, beneath the clouds, is Sigil, City of Doors, ruled by Her Serenity Lady of Pain...
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Just don't try to worship the Lady of Pain. Or talk to her. Or get in her way. Or fuck with her city.

She doesn't like that.
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Nice! I'm going to be running a Planescape campaign soon and I might show this picture to help describe Sigil
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Why not, glad to know you like it.
hey this is great stuff - you could submit it to be part of [link]
Hey, great stuff, this could be artwork for Planewalker!: [link]
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They know about this page, they even used some artwork for their pdf.
Sigil city of ultimate power, city of eternal glory
city of wonders infinite and deaths brutal and gory
not soft is thy lessons thou teach, not scant thy hoary wisdom
not weak is thine experience, not small thy gate's kingdom
races, creeds, beliefs and nations uncountable thy citizenship they comprise
every dream and nightmare can thou make true, every plan and great enterprise!
A child of thy world of many moons I be, Dargonthar be my globe maternal
yet in thy bosom I too feel alive and most complete, in thine might eternal
Galen: "Ode to the Cage"
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If you check out my latest Journal [link] I think you'll read something that should interest you :)
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Very cool, an excellent drawing of the Cage. I'm currently writing a plane-spanning D&D-based novel, and the story starts in the City of Doors, naturally enough.

Once the book is complete, I'll be posting it chapter-by-chapter here on DA :)
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Oh, that's interesting, please notify me when you start posting it.
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Having played "P:Torment" over and over again I say: it rocks.
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Completely agreed!
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Now that is a real approval! :D
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Yes it is, thank you! :D
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This is great, just like how they describe it in the game.
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Very nice work. I'm an old fan of Planescape as well, planar ventures are always a feature of my home D&D campaigns, with blood war politics and similar things screwing up the setting.

I like youe Sigil depictionit has that "ancient" feel. Like its been there since time out of mind...
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Thank you for such kind words.
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Awesome, what a wicked idea for a city. Those guys at Wizards of the Coast really know what they're fucking doing to be honest, such a great D&D setting!
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