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Planescape comic - strip 6

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You gotta love the face off these clueless berks. You really got the Sigil feeling in this picture. The best of the whole comic if you want me opinion.
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:rofl: Is that Shrek on the wall?
Oh! Check out that bariaur! And Shrek's head on the wall what the Hell(s)? I already like how the protagonist looks. He is a tiefling I'm guessing even though he looks more like a half-elf. But not all tieflings look like they have demon blood in their veins (Or angel-blood in the case of Aasimars) and that's the great thing about Planescape in general: taking all the cliches and turning them on their head.
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He is my favourite RPG character, and in addition to sharpened ears he also has scales on his forearms, orange eyes and a forked tongue, but of course it cannot be seen here. :)
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Is the nuclear barrel a Torment reference by any chance?
is that shrake's head impaled on the wall?
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Good guess! It's a small Easter Egg. ;)
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А на стене - шрек;)
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Он, родмый он наш! :D
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