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Planescape comic - strip 29

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Thanks for the show.
I really like the drawing. Very lively and beautiful. Awesome. Draw MOAARRR
Комикс просто супер, лучшее что я читал про Сигил.
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Ффух,на одном дыхании))
Отличный комикс!
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Спасибо! :)
you should have him talk a little more cockney rhyming slang, but perhaps not, i dont know, what do you guys think?
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Quite possible.
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Personally, I think Planescape is one of the best fantasy settings ever written.

I really enjoyed this comic of yours, especially the humour involved.

Keep up the great artwork.
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Thanks! And I totally agree on Planescape.
Вы прекрасно передали идеи и сумасшедшую атмосферу Planescape, несмотря на несколько слабый сюжет. Мое почтение вам за это. :-)
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Спасибо. А сюжет действительно слабоват - это проба пера в жанре комикса, и поэтому было решено историю изначально сделать попроще.
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Oh, it's a very nice short story! :+fav: =)
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So very good. I love comics, and this fantasy realm is so perfect for these sorts of stories. Its been a while since Ive read a good fantasy comic and this reminds me of how much I miss them. Great job, mate, I'm watching you.
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Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it.
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i just read trough your comic and i totally love it!
Your way of protraing Sigil is just fantastic.
I love how you captured the architecture and the Tieflings in the streets, im gonna fave the cover page real quick XD
Seriously, go watch the Seinfeld episode called "The Contest", Kramer takes voyeurism to a new level...
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I'll try, thanks.
For a first try this was really good. But the ending is wrong, the rogue should have ended up getting the girl...
A monument of Planescape artwork! Great job mate!

I am astonished that someone would dedicate his time and do so good a job about something that is scarcely known and which I love so much.

There are some not-so-good aspects, as someone pointed out before me (mainly the plot and the fonts) but I'm sure this is your first step towards greatness. Heck, I would gladly pay for such a comic!

By improving your artwork a bit and by finding a good story writer (see the blood war trilogy books, Plsnscape: Torment PC game) you can go to even greater achievements.
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Thank you for your kind words and reasonable criticism. Of course there are a lot of flaws in this comic - heck, it was a first try, a totally new experience for us. As for the story, it is deliberately simple, even simplified, because we didn't really know what would come out of this and were afraid that more deep and complicated stuff would not fit. There are some things I love in this comic, some things I loathe, but on the whole I'm happy with it.
Thanks again!
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