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Planescape comic - strip 25

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Rule One of Sigil: Do not piss off the Lady of Pain.

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Your knowledge of the land shall be great
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That's one stupid, dead motherfucker.
Wow this dude has balls of steel
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... *Mazed.* "Right. GG peeps GG, Now roll'up some level ones."
I will read this when I am not passing out from sleep deprivation.
But I love my Lady :love:
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Don't think of her too often, or she'll send YOU to the Mazes! Although a true fan of Her Serenity should be a masochist who'll love them! :)
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But we loves the Lady :XD:
There's the clueless and then there are these guys...
Even if I didn't know a thing about Sigil if I saw someone looking like the Lady I would be thinking twice, no make that three, no four times before I even talked to her much less adressing her in such a manner. No screw that, I wouldn't talk to her at all.
On the other hand have you ever noticed that all these planars who keep mocking the primes all the time are just as clueless about the prime if not more so?
I mean I remember on the guide to the astral plane a guide stating that the prime "is teeming with dragons" talk about ignorance!
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Of course planars are arrogant! Their world (or worlds) is so much more interesting that all those barmy clueless Prime worlds. :) It comes naturally, I guess.
You know sometimes the planars remind me of my countrymen in that regard and if they have that opinion then they definitely haven't seen Athas, Scarn and of course the Second Earth...
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this is the part where i went "oh crap"
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Very impressive!!
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now her serenity is involved...
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Watch out while in Sigil!
... oh dear. This isn't going to end well.
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It sure isn't! :D
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