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Planescape comic - strip 24

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Deities in Sigil? The Lady of Pain will not be amused! The blood will be spilled tonight!
Ok when I read that page I said to myself "they're crazy, they're gonna die! Well they're clueless".
i like how most of these fine people comment with constructive comments and yeah you can't go wrong with Will Eisner tell the artist to check him out since he does have talent for drawing. he wrote some books on sequential art, perspectives, movement ,everything and its simply awesome
Another awesome page. I especially like the sense of scale. I also had Hashkar's objections in mind but there are a few possible answers to them. They could be the Avatar's of the gods as oppossed to the gods themselves getting into Sigil. Also about Angel Courtesan's comments and anybody else's in that vein: I don't know what the Abyss you are talkng about. The story makes perfect sense as long as you pay attention to it and that's not hard to do at all.
Perhaps they're just demi-powers.
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Like the drawings very much, but just a word to the setting:
The Lady doesn't even allow gods to enter the city. No way. The only way to enter Sigil is through one of its portals, that do not function for gods. Teleportation, Summoning and stuff doesnt work anyway for noone into Sigil. And it's good that way ;)
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I guess these two gods are so Prime and Clueless that they even managed to sneak into the Cage somehow - you know, sometimes a fool can do what a professional can't. :)
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lovely drawings, but the storytelling needs a lot of work

have a look at Will Eisner - he's a master of the comic strip.

Is your gallery in page order ? if so, the story is very disjointed and hard to follow.

You have great drawing skills, but they would work better as illustrations perhaps.

Your stuff reminds me of the illustration in the Warhammer rpg books - great figures and faces etc.
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First of all, I'm not the artist, and it was the artist's idea to make the story simple, and so I did. This is the first experience for us.
And thank you so much for your kind words.
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