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Planescape comic - cover

This is the Planescape comic don Fuflon and I did together, and it's called, as you see, "Trespassers will be Prosecuted". I hope you’ll like that.

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So much love for this piece! Thank you!
aileronchild's avatar
You've captured not just the essence of Planescapes Sigil, but even Diterlizzi seems to emanate from your own personal style. Excellent work overall!
Gustyfoxy's avatar
Blood, this is top-shelf stuff.
Artwork is so close to the original Planescape art that for a while you got me thinking "what is this? a box I didn't knew about?"
Deusuum's avatar
KwijiboJD's avatar
Nicely done. I love that setting above ALL the others. =)
Deusuum's avatar
Totally agree with you.
Bananed's avatar
Great stuff...
Superb artwork and a great feel for the Cage
Now that's everything Planescape should be and more! There is no place like Sigil. No place...
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Hey, I guess this is a good a place to ask this as any - I've been re-reading the various Planescape books, and I'm starting to get confused about Sigil. I think in some places it's supposed to be on the inside of a ring like you've drawn it here, yet in other places it's described of being on the inner side of a torus, kind of like it's shown in this pic: [link] So just which one is it anyway? Or is it just a matter of preference.
Deusuum's avatar
I think they made Sigil a torus in the 4th edition. It has always been described as a ring, but the new Planar Handbook says different. I don't care, the 4th edition sucks anyways. :)
magiy's avatar
Hmmm, I dunno, to be honest the torus makes a bit more sense to me, but considering we're talking about an impossible city, "sense" does not really fit into it.

Also, it's described as a torus in The Planeswalker's Handbook as well, so it's not just 4th edition that did it. This is why I'm asking.
Deusuum's avatar
Well, sometimes they describe it as a ring and at least not put the entire city that much inside the torus. To be honest, I would prefer a ring. :)
magiy's avatar
I'd say the ring definitely looks better when drawing the city.
Hashkar's avatar
I love it! Please more!
Ronamis's avatar
By the Powers! That's awesome! Who da blood? You da blood!
I was browsing for "Planescape comic" and arrived here. I really like your artwork, it's quite impressive! I hope you write other stories in the same setting. Oh, by the way, the pdf link on a comment doesn't work. Was the file moved somewhere else?
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