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Jaroslav Noga
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Czech Republic
- Czech Republic, Olomouc
- 25 years old
- fan of fantasy, anime, steampunk and games

I am a study of art, without any school too teach me. I learn from all of those that allow me too study art from them, and i always try to do my best.

Currently working as a assembly worker, with art as a passionate hobby. Together with DnD and Warhammer.

I wish you all a lovely day, or a majestic evening, and i hope you enjoy my content.

Praise the sun !
Hail the Emperor !

“The Knight” Is a Undertale Original Character made by me Deusn


I am very sad as to admit, that he has no official AU, or better yet a official AU name. Some of my followers are very kind to refer to the knight story as “A Knight´s Tale” but i myself am just trying to make some cool stuff with the character and not make a total mess out of the timeline as he evolves.

The Knight himself is a homunculus, created and crafted through the usage of magic and science, using determination inside of his body as a power source, in order to create a usefull tool for gathering souls by an Chara of unknown origins, with her own goals being a mystery as well.

Magical Abilities - Ihnuman strenght and endurance, fire magic and fire magic constructs, magical resistance, ability to see ghosts and dead, creating of unstable and random portals
(Not too much of a heavy hitter, but its enough)

Weakness - Healing magic, Black Magic attacks (HATE), Determination based magic, soul type magic, psionic attacks

- Skills - Close combat, cooking, sewing, playing violin, woodwork, jewelcrafting, smithing (okay this is a little bit going out of hand xD)

- Ships - (Oh boi, were doing this alright…) So, as some of you, who talked with me about this might now, in the beggining i was really thinking the Knight would be a “unshipable” character. Yet, as time went by, i thought the Knight just needs a person he can fall in love with. But besides the great RP with @avi-illustration and her character Eclipse, most of the ships have been more like ideas that never got to the final scrips of ideas. But i think i do owe you at least some of those ideas.

Knight x Red (yes, from the Red AU, @darkpecockevan, you are the boss and i love your babie. Red was ultimately this wonderfull serious-jolly-funny character yet at the same time a noble and fantastic type of fighter that just brought a bit of finesse and sweet moments to the Knight…no real thoughts if it was possible or not, in the end was just an idea)

- Knight x Fuku (i am still unsure if Fuku is canon-like Grillbys daughter or not ? Too much colliding opinions and theories, but the thought of the Knight actually finding a love interest in the form of his mortal enemy could have been a really cool character development thing)

He has no name, or known age. Even his eye color or original face is unknown for he himself cannot recall his past. Only broken splinters of burning houses and dying people fill his mind. Actually the name “Knight” was given to him by the inhabitants of the Omega Timeline.

Of what was shown to the “watchers” in the comic i make with my dearest love (and most wonderfull, splendid and cutest cutie) xxMileikaIvanaxx through the backgrounds known to “Nightmaretale!Chara” the Knight used to be a human of a chivalrous life. He was part of the human/monster war and he died during the final battles before the monsters were driven under Mountain Ebbot.

Suffering terrible wounds at the hands of an fire elemental of the monster army, called Grillby he was left broken and dying on the ground of the battlefield. Yet before that, he was struck by bolts and arrows of humans, because he yielded when striking down a monster child. He ultimately became the casualty of war from both sides being burned to cinder. From what my followers were able to conclude and find out through hints and the Knights own words, he was taken by the monsters as a trophy and he was experimented on. Yet that is where his memory heavily fades.


The Knight´s story could be seen through 4 arc´s i use for his story and his development. Sometimes, because i want to make the story more like a well made staircase, i jump between the arc´s and RP with people in different parts of the Knights story. (I ask if they wanna RP with the Knight before or after he starts crumbling. Check out the awesome RP i do with @avi-illustrationto find out more).

Arc 1 - It is the Arc that describes the Knight´s first steps. During this time, there were no Rp´s but a silly description on a RP server on discord. At this point, the Knight breaks out of a glass contaniner, in an unknown location with no knowledge how he got here. I can assure you at this point that a lot of stuff happened before this ARC 1, but i keep that in reserve if you guys will be interested in his more detailed backstory in the future.

- during this Arc, the Knight is brash, brute and cold, to almost reach the emotions of cruelty

- With his memories being only those of monsters burning his home, he yearns for vengeance, yet all of his thoughts are thrown in dissaray, when he encounters that he is in a genocide timeline (For those who dont really know the character, the Knight does understand in the later arcs the concept of timelines and the existence of reset, yet to his more old thinking mind this is some kind of god-like magical power, and many things escape his understanding)

- This is also the part where he is forced to the point of desperation after fighting the “Genocide!Chara” for a total number of (has been changed) 379 matches. Yet as the child reset or returned to the save file, the Knights mind stayed the same.

- He ends up breaking down after all of this fighting, his own programming and set up nature actually breaking apart under all of this pressure of used determination. He is saved by Core!Frisk made by DokuDoki and brought to the Omega Timeline.

Arc 2 - In this Arc the Knight has already spended a amouth of a year in the Omega Timeline, where he discovered many aspects of  humanity, friendship and understanding. His vengeance qualled and abbandoned, for the purpoese of finding more about himself, he begins his journey through the multiverse.

- In this Arc the Knights stumbles upon a timeline and universe where he meets the two adorable babies called Frisk and Chara, who are surviving in the large underground.

(I wont say more for spoiler reasons xD)

- During this Arc and through a tragedy that occurs the Knight leaves the timeline and goes on a long time on his own, moving from timeline to timeline. Yet sadly, here is the thing. Also the Knight discovers his own big weaknessof determination that runs and keeps his body alive only through focused battle and fighting.

THE KNIGHTS PORTALS THAT HE CREATES THROUGH A LONG PROCES OF NEARLY 50 MINUTES OF PREPARATION ARE RANDOM (meaning he never knows where he ends up and based on the RP´s i had with him, it was 90% genocide routes, so i used that in his character)

- For example i will be redrawing if only for a painting his fight with Traveller!Chara created by my awesome buddy Neofox67 so it sits more with the design and the story. Together with this i would like to do a few more paintings and drawings of the Knights battles and journeys.

- After what happened and all of the battles he was throughn through, the Knight is beggining to lose himself more and more, not knowing what to do, giving in to the act of fighting, asking himself if fighting is really the only way he can exist

Arc 3 - This arc actually starts during one of the genocide type journeys when the Knight ends up in a timeline of Dust!Tale, or its alternation. I am very sorry if i am not precise upon the creator of this super cool idea !

After a hard fight, the Knight manages to escape at the last second to Echotale, created by the fantastic artist and dear person (teacher i look up too) yoralim.

(More will be hidden cause spoilers ! XD xD XD SO MANY I KNOW !)

Arc 3/5 - (DEUSN HOW DARE YOU ?!)

This is actually the Arc in which most of the RP here on tumblr playes out.The Rp´s i do with the Knight are both canon and non-canon with me picking out what might be and not might be canon. 

These RP´s that are canon include the following.

- Eclipse and the Knight (eclipse belongs to @avi-illustration)
- Abyss!Sans and Eve and the Knight (Eve and Abyss!Sans belongs to @metakazkz)
- Firefly and Pet with the Knight (Firefly and Pet belong to @waterdragonangel)
- Cyrus and Knight (Cyrus belongs to TokkiL)
- Mecha and Knight (Mecha belongs to Wolf-WrathKnight)
- Hammie and Faris with the Knight (Hammie and Faris belong to @hammie-heart)
- Nightmaretale!Frisk and Nightmaretale!Sans with the Knight (Both belong to my dearest xxMileikaIvanaxx)

Since i cant consider the Knight actually having any kind of significance on any of superyoumna stories, i cant honestly say its canon for the Knight, but i like to think that they are, no matter what small part the Knight might play in them.

Arc 4 - Its the ongoing comis made by me and my most dearest and cutest koala bear xxMileikaIvanaxx called Blood and Steel.

You can check the comic out here.


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW !!!! AND WERE DONE ! I HOPE I ANSWERED YOUR QUESTIONS ! @alfa-artz coolblackeagle10@megaclassydelusioncollector digitanny 


Keru - Fanart 4
Part 4/4 of the happy birthday bombardment of my good friend Keru !
Witcher Peca - School of the Owl

Did a small thing for my friend Peca. Ohohooooo, those proportions my friends. He is a small boi truuuuue…but man. I messed up xD I gotta work better on it. It always looks so alright on the paper, but when i put it on the PC im like….what is this atrocity ?! xD

Praise the sun guys.


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