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:icondeusmortxm:deusmortxm posted a status
grell: *has extreme, uncontrollable outbursts of anger which lead to lashing out*
grell: *makes impulsive decisions and risky behaviors without a single thought which led to them and others getting hurt*
grell: *constant feelings of nihilistic emptiness*
grell: *on and off identity issues (ex; "but im not a 'person'.")*
grell: *constantly splits on othello in the blue cult arc, along with angelina in the jtr arc*
grell: *mood swings. all the time*
grell: *obsessive idealization of william*
grell: *literally KILLED THEMSELF as a human and is always running into dangerous situations without a single thought for their safety*
grell: *needs constant attention and becomes vastly uncomfortable in situations in which nobody is acknowledging / focusing on them (even tearing up at one chapter in the blue cult arc when this happens) which may suggest a fear of abandonment*
grell: *is my borderline baby and y'all can pry this from my cold stone hands*

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