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raven | 18 (capricorn) | cis female | she/her | 5'2" | taken by wowarnazing!! ❤️❤️ | eastern time

what up im raven, im 18, and i never fucking learned how to read

i really dont have much to say about myself, im just a girl who's addicted to memes, anime/manga, cartoons and marvel.
i've been rping on dA for a little over 5 years so I guess you could say I'm experienced, even though I'm still trying to improve. grell is actually my favorite character ever in kuroshitsuji in the manga that is bc anime grell makes me suicidal, along with my main synpath / comfort character and as a result my muse is always ↑↑↑, so im almost always on this account.
don’t be afraid to talk to me here or anywhere else, i won’t bite!!

main (rarely used) - gIitterystars
stock (checked every once in a blue moon) - minionjazz
tumblr - skullemojied 
discord - ask bc im always changing my username lmao

✓ accepted. ✓
- lit & script. however, i tend to reply faster to script
- crack, angst, fluff, gore (in notes if too extreme), casual, etc.
- AUs
- crossovers!!!
- multiple threads at once (max 4-5)
- pre-established relationships (as long as theyre discussed beforehand)
- OCs
- ooc chat
✕ not accepted. ✕
- smut. i am of age (18), but am still not comfortable with writing these kind of themes  innuendos and shit are allowed however
- pedophilia, incest, rape, fetishes, etc
- forcing relationships
- main accounts. this is non-debatable, as past drama lead to no tolerance
- killing off my muse without permission. you can injure them as much as you want, though
- harrassing me for replies
- rp accounts for irl people. long story short, they make me uncomfortable
- referring to my muse as me (ex: 'walks up to you'). i am not my muse
- poor english / grammar. however, if english isn't your first language, just tell me and i'll understand
additional notes;
- i sometimes tend to get carried away while writing, in both starters and replies. however, you do not have to match my length, especially in lit, as long as you give me something i can work with. for example if i send you 2 paragraphs or so and you reply with a sentence i'll likely drop the thread
- grell tends to be pretty flirty, especially with muses they find attractive, subtly or not. however, this is NOT me trying to forceship; it's just me keeping my muse ic
- i know grell is a pretty controversial / problematic character. however, i do not condone any of the bad things they do in any shape or form. if somehow i cross the line or make you uncomfortable ic, just tell me (politely, please) and they'll knock it off. also, if for some reason you'd rather not interact with me or my muse, just let me know civilly or even unwatch me
however, if we're mutuals and you unwatch me for some reason, i'd prefer you softblock me so i dont look like an idiot by continuing to interact with you

if you've read and fully understood these rules, please comment with 'if there were two rippers in an alley and one of them killed the other with a chainsaw wouldn't that be fucked up or what'

Legal Name: Grell Sutcliff
Alias: N/A
Species: Shinigami (Grim Reaper)
Date Of Birth: April 9th
Age: 100+ (physically 25-28)
Gender: Genderfluid (DMAB)
Phobias: Thanatophobia (fear of dying), Athazagoraphobia (fear of being forgotten/abandoned)
Physical Illnesses: None
Mental Illnesses: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Attention-Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), mild psychopathy
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
Sexual Orientation: Demi-Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Collections Officer
Race: White
Nationality: British
Religion: Atheist
Spoken Languages: English (fluent), German (fairly fluent)

Hair Color: Crimson Red
Eye Color: Phosphorescent Chartreuse
Height: 5'11" (in heels), 5'7" (without)
Weight: 117 lbs
Body Type: Fairly muscular, athletic, lanky
Skin Tone: Fair, slightly pale
Glasses or Contacts?: Glasses

Grell Sutcliff takes up the position of a Death God, affiliated with the English Branch. Their daily task consists of taking the souls of deceased humans, deciding whether to allow them to live on perish for good. They usually hold a very busy schedule, and out working far more than they'd like. Their death scythe has been modified into the form of a chainsaw, which, in their own words 'can slice through anything'. Like the rest of their kind, they possess a physical strength higher than that of an average human, giving them a great advantage during battle, as they can withhold a good hit before defeat. They currently reside in London, England, in a small flat within the Shinigami realm.

Like all fellow shinigami, they were cast into their current life through suicide, a thought that haunts them for the rest of their afterlife, and thus, their task of being surrounded by death and horror is meant to be a punishment. Not to Grell, however -- the sight of blood and destruction fascinate them more than anything!! Their superior, William T. Spears, constantly keeps a close eye on them due to this to make sure they dont get themselves into trouble.

They stand fairly short for someone of their physical age at only 5 foot 7 (however those gorgeous heeled boots give a 4-inch boost), weighing below the average, developing a slender, yet strong frame. They have dark red, thigh-length hair, neatly brushed and cared for. They can almost always be seen in red; their favorite color, and most defining trait. One that matches a personality as fiery as theirs.

Grell presents themselves as the flamboyant and charismatic type, a reputation they are quite protective of. Generally confident and outspoken, they have no difficulties with speaking their mind, no matter how harmful such speech might be. They are quite witty, playful, and have a rather dark sense of humor, yet are loyal to those they care about. They can switch from sass, charm and sarcasm, to cynicism and blatant rudeness in a matter of seconds. They normally portray themselves to be the poised type. However, these traits are rivaled by their short temper, egotistical and vain nature, and clear sadism. They are also incredibly selfish, rarely putting other people's needs before their own. They are quite hostile and have a strong bloodlust, which is often shown through battle. They tend to hold grudges quite easily, and rarely any remorse for others. They almost never apologize for nor try to control their reckless actions, and are viewed as mentally and emotionally unstable. Their outward behavior can switch between lively, violent, cynical, flirtatious, and awkward in less than a second. 

Aside from murder, obviously, they have a huge passion for the arts -- specifically, Shakespeare's works. Chances are, when not behind a paperwork covered desk, judging a cinematic record, or brutally slaughtering a human across london's cobblestone grounds, they can be found curled up on their couch with one of his works.

proven to be stronger than the average human, they are very tough and can withstand attacks that can kill mortals, as well put up a good fight before defeat. however, they can still get injured just as a human can.

while not proven that they can live forever, shinigami outlive the average human. due to their increase in endurance, physical injuries and other attacks cannot kill them. however, a shinigami can be killed by a death scythe.

while exactly how this is accomplished is unknown, a shinigami's death scythe can slice through dimensions, most likely proven by other shinigami owning more 'modern' products such as sneakers and watches.

shinigami are capable of disappearing and reappearing from anywhere at a given moment, which is convenient for long-distance reapings.

while exactly how this is done is unknown, shinigami can choose to make themselves invisible to the human eye while out on the job. they can only be seen by other supernatural kind, or humans nearing death.

Voiceclaim: Tim Minchin
Alt. Faceclaim (will rarely be used if at all): Bartek Borowiec
IC Twitter account: fatalcrimson
Aesthetic blog: karmesinroter-tod

☆ Grell's red hair was inherited right from their mother, while their teeth indirectly passed down from their father's dna

☆ During childhood Grell was often teased about their teeth. Often, they would become infuriated over it to the point of biting one of the other kids.

☆ Grell had an awful childhood, with an emotionally and physically abusive father and a mother who worked alot and was hardly there for them. Their mistreatment startled off subtley at first, with a slap or degrading term here and there. However, after their mother's death, it drove their father to taking his rage and frustrations out on them. Aside from their mother's occasional hugs and kisses here and there when she had time to supply them, for the majority of their life they grew up with no experience of familial love. The abuse went on for quite some time until their suicide at 17.
☆ Grell is german on their mother's side. Because of her teachings, they're decently fluent in German but rarely speak it unless they have to


★ They're partially insecure about their height, standing at only 5'7" out of heels. they aren't very short but definitely lacking in height compared to most of the other adults they know. also, they consider themselves a very important person thus want to be looked UP to, not DOWN at. this is the main reason why they insist on wearing high heels (but of course theyre too vain to admit this). 

★ Doesn't appreciate being touched unless they trust you or you're close to them

★ Is extremely proud of their hair, as its smth they spent a lot of time growing out and taking care of each day. They'll need to trust you a lot before you can touch it (unless you're a hairdresser) and if you do it without permission they'll be furious 

★ Carries a red comb with them in case their hair somehow gets messed up while out 

★ Theyre actually a MAJOR bookworm. There's at least 4 books (a mixture of novels and plays) stacked on their nightstand right now

★ When they first started growing out their hair, Grell tied most of it back with a thick red ribbon similar to the one they used with their butler disguise

★ Their reason for using innuendos/flirting during an intense fight is more than often to psyche the challenger out - they know such risqué comments and behavior will distract and/or disturb the other person fighting which will allow them the one themselves up-because they LOVE being in charge/control
★ They Committed suicide by slashing their wrists as a human

★ Their hair is very long and very thick, thus it's actually annoying to take care of despite how much they love having it. it takes at least 10 minutes to brush it all every morning and even longer to wash

★ Like most natural redheads, Grell has a faint dusting of freckles on and around their nose which pops up once in a while, mainly when out in the sun for a decent amount of time. However, grell thinks these make them look unattractive and covers them with extra makeup

★ Since theyre always the one flirting with and making advances on people, they're not at all accustomed to people doing it to them. If someone did try to flirt with them, they'd get confused and even a little suspicious

☆ Grell has (all undiagnosed in the victorian verse) Borderline Personality Disorder (mainly as a result from the abuse they suffered growing up), ADHD and mild psychopathy

☆ Grell has difficulties trusting people due to past experiences, but once they're comfortable enough with someone they become emotionally attached to them and can't bare the thought of losing them

☆ Additionally, despite rarely outright expressing this, they have a major phobia of abandonment. its something theyve experienced multiple times and it effects them greatly. they fear that their friends / partners will someday get tired of them and throw them aside for someone more worthwhile

☆ They're too ashamed to admit this, but Grell is actually very afraid of dying. When it's other people, it's no problem, but not vice versa. Since they've already died once they hate the feeling / thinking about it, and imagining it happening again is far too overwhelming for their brain to handle
☆ As expected from a species who's been forced to live a life full of death and suffering as result of killing themselves, Grell gets depressed a fair amount. They seem fine for the most part, but there's those rare points where they feel unlovable and pathetic, undeserving of any love or praise and downright disgusted with themselves. Suicide is quite a despicable act to carry out, after all


★ Often gets scolded for filling out their paperwork in red pen (yet continues to do so anyway)

Loves teasing people / bantering and getting on their nerves 

Total dog person; however they prefer smaller ones. If work didn't get in the way of being able to care such a needy pet, they'd definitely have one by now

★ If they don't know someone's name right away, they'll usually just call them 'darling' (sometimes even after figuring it out just for fun)

★ Grell often comments on books aloud while reading them, mainly on how the minor characters are 'useless' / 'idiotic' or on other small, nitpicky details
★ Most of the shinigami don't necessarily celebrate / pay attention to birthdays or age anymore after all these years, but Grell is an aries (Grell especially doesn't want to think about it bc it makes them 'feel old')



👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit goԁ sHit👌 thats some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 rightthere ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit 

- grellthello


- grell and ronald

- grell and sascha

- grell and any other shinigami tbh

- grell and angelina


- grell x a crossover character

- grell x an oc


- sebagrell (sorry)
- grell x undertaker
- anything pedophilic or incestual
left i. (MAIN)
this verse is set in the kuroshitsuji manga's canon, though it may diverge slightly at some points. in this timeline, grell works as a shinigami, harvesting the souls of humans who've lost their lives. can take place at any point in time during the manga, including but not limited to the jack the ripper arc, campania arc, green witch arc, and blue cult arc.

left ii. (MODERN)
as expected, this verse is set in the modern times instead of the victorian era. if a rp takes place in the modern world, this verse will most likely be used, however whether modern icons are is debatable. unless specified, grell will still be a shinigami. they can be anywhere from 17-28 depending on when and where it is set, but will most likely be in their mid-late 20's.

left iii. (DESERTER)
tired of the stress, humiliation, and horrible reminders of their past life, grell finally secedes from their position as a shinigami. theyve relinquished their death scythe and all the hard work that came into designing it (yet kept their glasses as they still cant see without those), and set off. theyre more morose and defensive than they were as a shinigami, yet still relieved to be 'free'. under most circumstances, they will be hiding out in undertaker's shop, unless specified.

left iv. (ACADEMY)
this verse takes place during the late 1700's when grell was still in training, working alongside william t. spears. theyre still as sassy, flamboyant, and impulsive as ever, yet noticeably more brooding as a teen / young adult, and less prone to their outbursts of violence and murder.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: death, abuse, alcohol
grell's childhood was not exactly a happy one. after their mother's death, their father snaps, tormenting and beating them daily. that is, when he's actually acknowledging their existence and not gettting himself drunk. they lived most of their human life in fear, hiding from their father and refusing contact from most strangers out of fear of being treated the same way. in this verse, grell can be anywhere from 5-17 (before their suicide).

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