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I'm sorry.


First off, I know the show staff has been getting a lot of toxic bullshit over the leak of the remaining episodes. I absolutely abhor that, and I want no part of it. Everyone making the show has all my love.

That said... I've heard what happens in the finale, and... it's just terrible. It's bad. It's so bad, well, it's killed all my interest in the show.

And with no interest in the show, I have no interest in drawing ponies. None. My muse is gone.

I could force my way through the rest of the season, but I wouldn't enjoy it, and I doubt any of you would either. Best to just end it now.

Thank you for all the follows, watches, up votes, and wonderful comments. You made these last few years so special for me, and I'll never forget it. Thank you all.

I'm so sorry.


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What was your concern about it? I know some people were saying they retconned every major victory, but that just was not true. The big twist, even as it was presented, was entirely contained within season 9.
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I hate to say it dude but they are right you are overreacting the finale was great I enjoyed and your leaving over a petty reason like that.
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I'll be honest, I first thought that this was some kind of elaborated troll... guess that i was wrong... It was good to meet you, i really enjoyed your comics!
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Well, either way, hope you had a good time! =D

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I don't know if you are even still using this account but I'm curious.
I saw the finale now. What part of it made you go "NOPE; I'm out of here"?
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He won't answer. He is bitter and left. Doing that for him, in short, he is bitter about it that Cozy Glow got turned to stone and is now shitting all over My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for supposedly betraying the spirit of friendship. He wrote an entire mouthpiece story just to do that:

He is completely overreacting in a hysterical fashion and ignoring that Cozy Glow can still be alive, because we have yet to see any petrification magic that is lethal, and assumes that, if Cozy still lives, Twilight will never let her out again because that's what he chooses to believe.
Several people already told him that he is overreacting and explained the flaws in his logic. He didn't even respond to a single one of these comments, which says enough to make clear he is insistent on being justified with his overreaction. There isn't really any hope here. He has turned into a complete lunatic all of a sudden.
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THAT is what made him go mad?


Thanks for the info!
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Yeah, I scratch my brain over it, too. I mean, I can understand not liking that Cozy is in stone now, I don't like either that nopony gives her a chance (so far), but I deal with it in a mature way, which he can't.

You're welcome.
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I didn't like the 2-parter but the final episode capped off the series on an almost perfect note.
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What about finale was so bad? I know of one bad plot twist and controversial final episode, but nothing worth writing the whole series and fandom off, al least this close to the end.

You take enough liberties with your work I see no reason they have to be effected.
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Your comments section clearly hit a nerve with someone! :o

Don't let anyone tell you you're enjoying something the wrong way unless you want to change, though. It's just a TV show and your interpretation is valid. :)
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You really shouldn't say that. You're not exactly giving him ideas here, as he got all the ideas himself already anyway, but you still shouldn't support this drama queen behavior. He hasn't even seen the Finale and I bet 1,000$ with you that the stuff he "heard" (!) is something that gets blown out of proportions and that is actually a good development (or, would be a good development, if it weren't the very end of the show so that we won't benefit from seeing what follows after that development), just like it happened with Twilight becoming an alicorn, her castle, Starlight Glimmer, ect. ect., all of which enhanced and improved MLP: FiM and brought only objectively great things that helped the show to get even better, while everyone was complaining and opening their drama bottles for nothing.
He is petty and stirring drama and trouble, don't encourage him further.
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sorry to hear, both your art and fanfic were great:)
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Okay..... First off, I haven't watched the leaks and I'll wait until the Finale actually airs. So don't spoiler me. But, second..... I will tell you how much it disappoints me to read this from you. As you can tell, I haven't seen the Finale yet. But your journal entry here is completely whiny, over-the-top and melodramatic. I won't even ask you what could supposedly be so terrible about the Finale that you seriously lose your interest in drawing ponies. Not just because of the spoilers the answer would contain. But first and foremostly because I can, due to my experience with this dramatic fandom and all its nonsensical complaints it had about the show over the years and seasons, already tell that you only call the Finale bad because of the infamous "B-But what I wanted to see didn't happen! They screwed up because they didn't fulfill my wish/headcanon for the Finale, so I call it bad because they didn't cater to me *insert more whining here*!"
And that is where my disappointment comes into play. You're petty. You're unfair. You don't actually care about the quality of the episodes. You don't care about how much sense the plot makes. You don't care about how well it wraps the show up. You don't care about how well the show concludes with it. You don't care about how epic it is. You care about nothing. Only thing you care about, is, that you had a specific imagination about the Finale or a specific expectation for it and that this didn't happen, or, that it happened differently than the way you would have liked. I can tell all that. I can tell all that, even without having seen the Finale myself yet. Because I have seen so much from this fandom, I've seen all the complaints about the show that never made any sense and were just born out of clinical dissatisfaction, people being unattentive or just downright incapable of even understanding the plot, or, understanding why a particular episode plot is good for the show. I can tell all that about your "reasoning", because your entire argumentation is the same stupid, ridiculous shit that I have to read from the insufferable majority of this fandom for years. "Boohoo, my favourite thing didn't happen, might as well declare the episode shit and tell everyone it's shit to enact revenge on the writers for not catering to my whims!".
No, it's actually worse. You didn't even watch it yet. You haven't even seen it yet. You heard something from it. You heard a thing from the Finale. And based on that thing, you declare it bad. It is as I said above:

You don't actually care about the quality of the episodes. You don't care about how much sense the plot makes. You don't care about how well it wraps the show up. You don't care about how well the show concludes with it. You don't care about how epic it is. You don't care about how that thing you heard fits to everything else in the Finale and what it means exactly. You hear one thing from an episode and as a result, you act like a spoiled brat, decide to quit watching the show and to quit pony art. You even have the disrespect to not at least watch the episodes and make your judgement then. And worse than that, you have enough disrespect to go and write that journal entry and pass on that YAKSHIT of yours to other people and make them anxious for the Finale that way and create more people who won't watch it, because they take your word for it and because your melodramatic behavior and attitude here left an impression on them, with that. You judge the Finale unfairly and harshly and you inspire others to do the same.
Why that disappoints me so much to write such a strong comment, you ask? Even though I just said I'm used to shitty behavior like this from the fandom? That's easy.

1. This is coming from you. Where nearly everyone else has already stopped making weekly episode comics, you trucked on with that, which showed that you are a more passionate fan of the show than most are. It gave a little hope that you aren't one of those brats, dare I risk going to hell and say one of those idiots, who feel zero loyal towards the show they are supposed to love and drop it at a whim the moment they feel the slightest shred of dissatisfaction with it, without ever considering what they think about it, without reflecting on themselves and asking them if what they don't like is really so bad, without objectively thinking about what they've seen in an episode and what it actually means for the show, so that they could realize, no, it is actually not bad at all and they just shot with their judgement too quickly. Instead, go and badmouth the show for them being too incapable of grasping the plot or grasping why what they hate is actually improving the show and makes it objectively better, because all they love is shitting on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic anyway, they're just not admitting that.
And do not dare to question what they say, because their FUCKING OPINIONS are law and they are holy, so even though Twilight's castle and the freaking world map in it are FUCKING GREAT things and probably the best things that ever happened to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, objectively speaking, because they are responsible for so much worldbuilding and for so many places and creatures and other nations and kingdoms and traditions and for so many new and interesting and diverse characters that we wouldn't have gotten to know otherwise, when they that is shit, then it is shit, because in their pathetic little minds and by their pathetic little definitions, Twilight's castle is toyetic so nothing good ever come from it and if you like it anyway and point out what great things it brought for the show, then YOU are the ridiculous idiot who is wrong, because you aren't hating it like we do. Come, join the hating crowd, we are the cool guys in the fandom, don't you want to belong to the cool guys who mindlessly and senselessly hate the show instead of praising it and pointing out its merits. You don't need to understand the show,  forget all about that crap, just come and hate on it with us against any sound or reason, because that is cool and way better than taking the show seriously and seeing how good it actually is and praising it for that, that's only for losers. Opinions, man, they are the trend. No matter how hateful they are, they are so much better than objective facts! Come, hate with us like the cool children do it, because hating on the show is really fun!
That you..... That you of all people in the fandom display such a petty, idiotic, downright stupid and disrespectful stance..... That you are such an arrogant, petty snob, too. That. That is crushing. I thought you didn't belong to the insufferable brigade in the fandom and now, I see I was wrong.

2. It's the Finale of the show. After giving us years of brilliant entertainment and so much more beyond it, you do nothing but shitting on it, without watching the Finale even. You beat My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to the ground and kick into its lungs while it lies there and does its last, final breaths before the lights of it go out. You don't even have enough respect to at least watch it. You don't let it go out with dignity. With respect. With the dignity and respect it deserves for being what it is and for what it gave to us. You benefitted from it as much as the next one, it gave so many things to you, gave you a successful artistic career here with a community and fanbase that centered around you and gave you attention and praise for your creations. And then, the Finale of the show slowly approaches, the very last episodes of it that will end that amazing and wonderful era that started in 2010 and all you can think of is whining "Boohoo, it's so bad what I heard, it ruins the entire show for me, it sucks now, I'm not watching it anymore and I'm not creating for it anymore, and I don't care how objectively good and well-written it is, there is that one thing my petty little mind hates, so I'm hating the entire Finale and I stop caring for the entire show and I now hate the entire show even, fuck it all, time to move on! Damn, how could I ever watch something so shitty, now that I think about it....."
That is the way you're acting right now. It doesn't matter that you chose more polite words than that. That is the vibe the things you said and the way you act give. That is exactly how you act. Polite words don't change that. And you weren't even polite, you called it "terrible", which is a straight insult.
Now My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is over soon and that is the way you thank it..... With "I don't like thing! Thing is bad because I don't like it!". That is the way you think this show for what it gave us; with malice, hatred and unfair judgement. This is why your reaction here is so disheartening.

3. The reception of the Finale will be crucial for the continued well-being and activity of our fandom. That is the third reason. You don't understand the responsibility. You don't understand it all. Not only do you judge the Finale so harshly and unfairly, because of your own pettiness and disrespect, you go around and pass that vibe on to others. You make others dislike the Finale before they've even seen it. You wrote that entry here of how "terrible" and "bad" everything is and how it is so "bad" that you have to stop watching the show and that you can never watch it again and that you can never create art for it again because it killed and yadda yadda yadda and all that melodramatic soap opera acting you pull here, this kind of stuff leaves an impression on people. All at least 737 people who came here and read this journal entry and everyone who will still read it before the Finale airs properly on Discovery Family have gotten or will get the impression "Man, such a strong reaction..... The Finale really has to suck. Should I even watch it? Nah, of course I'm going to, if only to see just how bad it is, but I'm going to hate it, I can tell that now. Sucks that the show won't get the great end it deserves!".
That's the impression you give everyone, wrongfully, because it won't even be right and because they can't even know what awaits them. And that is damaging. If a lot of people, or dare I say even the majority of the fandom, goes out of the Finale with such a strong reaction like the one you had here after only hearing something about it, and decides to not bother with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic anymore after "THAT END", then you can guess how our fandom will look in the future. No one is going to write for it anymore. No one is going to draw for it anymore. No one will even want to talk about it anymore. Everyone, except for a tiny minority, and that tiny minority, as it is the norm for this loving and tolerating fandom, will get shunned until it doesn't dare to speak up for the show anymore, will turn their backs on the show then, for completely undeserved reasons even.
And that is what you spur on here by making this melodramatic entry here. You essentially just brainwashed an entire several hundred people, maybe even thousand by the time the Finale airs, into believing the Finale is going to suck, by putting on that heartbroken, melodramatic and exaggerated fainting couch display. You scare people, make them anxious for the Finale, make them develop bad expectations for it and essentially set them up to hating it before they've seen it, because naturally, that strong reaction of yours here is giving them plenty of reason to conclude that the Finale just HAS to suck, lest it wouldn't make you feel like quitting it all.
Not only do you hurt the show, you also hurt the entire fandom, by contributing to it that most in the fandom will stop caring about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, stop creating for it and even stop talking about it, so that our fandom will die out and fall into inactivity once the show is over. You have zero care for it what effect this entry has on people and what devastating effect it can have for the entire fandom, nor how it can proof responsible for it that MLP: FiM's reputation will suffer past its ending and how it could end up being unfairly called "the worst show ever" because of your contributing words here. And that, that is the most disheartening thing here, that you contribute to creating a situation in which MLP: FiM's reputation will get sullied in hindsight and the fandom becomes an empty wasteland.

It's these three things..... These are why I'm so disappointed to read this from you. To see how you belong to those "fans" (don't even dare asking if the quotes are intentional, because they fucking hell are) who can nothing but trashtalk My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, that you thank the show this ungrateful way and that you have zero consciousness nor care for how your words here can and likely will damage the show and our fandom.
Seriously..... After these words..... Be gone and stay gone. Before you hurt My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the fandom even more with all your petty drama. You're despicable for what you did here.
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Now, who is the drama queen? Come on, just tell him you're going to miss him and don't go around writing a thesis about it.
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I miss his pony art. His attitude is better outside the fandom's borders. And missing his pony art is not the issue. His stupid, disrespectful behavior that lacks any kind of basic responsibility a fan of the show should have is.
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Like yours? Sorry, but you are the one who is being disrespectful.
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I'm not disrespectful. The answer he got from me was a very deserved one for the purpose of calling him out for what he displayed there. It was just.
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You talk a lot in favor of MLP: Fim and the fandom. However, in your way of expressing yourself, I don't see the values of friendship, respect and tolerance that the series transmits. You are telling DeusExEquus that he is a bad influence, but you also don't measure what you are saying to him and how it affects those who read your comments.

Do you really think this is the best way to represent the fandom? :

“You're petty. You're unfair.

“Be gone and stay gone…”

“You're despicable…”

Is that what this wonderful series of MLP has taught you? I DO NOT THINK SO. When people talk about a "toxic fandom" it is precisely because of this kind of attitude.

If you have so much faith in the series, let it speak for itself. When he sees with his own eyes the end will be realized that it is not bad as told. For some it was epic, for others disappointing, for others like me, it was nostalgic, but being honest was not a bad thing at all, it was an acceptable closure. And yet, if DeusExEquus does not like the end when he sees it, it will be his decision (not yours) and like everyone else, he has the right to express his opinion, and I hope, without insulting anyone directly.

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Friendship, respect, love and tolerance does not mean you can't be strict with people. It does not mean that you can't call people out for doing something wrong. It doesn't mean you can't express yourself in a drastic and harsh way if the situation calls for it. It doesn't mean you can't put people into place if they act up or behave badly.
"Love and Tolerance" does not mean a hugbox. What you suggest to me here is basically that I should tolerate a behavior that judges the entire effort of giving us a wonderful finale for the show without having at least the decency of watching it first and that shows a zero amount of responsibility for it that people who might read this get scared and anxious for the finale and either don't even watch it in the first place or get set up to hate it after seeing such a strong reaction of even stopping pony art entirely and refusing to watch MLP: FiM further.
"Love and Tolerance" is not the answer if someone acts like a complete prick. That's not the answer you give to such a behavior, unless you want to encourage it by cuddling and hugging the one who acted up.
In reverse, being harsh with someone does not make you a less tolerating and loving person. Sometimes, things need to be called by their names. My answer was an appropriate one. I don't share your hugbox mentality. We don't see eye to eye on this.
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Yes, but being strict does not mean that you should lower yourself to mere insults. I don't think this particular situation merits it. Of course, it´s just my opinion. Your answer was not inappropriate because you told him its truths; it was inappropriate because of the vulgar way you express it. And correcting: YOU don´t see eye to eye on this. It's YOUR opinion, not everyone's.

Maybe you're right and I have a hugbox mentality, but at least I'm fine with that. But if you like direct things I tell you this with all respect: you are a bad influence to represent the fandom and you should be ashamed of that, because you make us look bad.

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That's some nasty stuff to say to an actual human being just because they didn't enjoy a TV show.
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Yeah? You can downplay that all you want, what he did here shows that he is a petty, arrogant, snobbish and ungrateful jerk, who doesn't care for it what consequences his words could bring and to whom it doesn't occur to give MLP: FiM at least the basic respect as a thank you for what it gave to him, and he is a drama queen on top of that. He's disrespectful, irresponsible and uncaring. I have no motivation to feel sorry for anything I've said.
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Okay, you're taking this too far now.
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