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The Busiest Princess in Equestria

"I'm going to be home late tonight, Shining Armor, they introduced two characters to each other in this episode and I have to spend all day shipping them!"

The embarrassing part about being late finishing this up? I came up with this after the teaser trailer two weeks ago, but didn't spend time working on it because I was worried that the episode wouldn't lend itself to people shipping these two.


That's right folks, been in this fandom 4+ years and apparently haven't learned a damn thing!

Make sure to check out my ask blog, Ask the Princess of Friendship with Benefits.
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Cadence, use your powers to ship Sunset and SciTwi as well.

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princess of love or manipulation? XD
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So the princess of shipping forces ponies to fuck each other by using voodoo dolls to control the ponies?

"I'm okay with this, and i'm not okay with this!"
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So that's how Chrysalis got so many holes.
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"No, m'lady, I did not see you playing with your dolls again
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yes I love this reference and that movie
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I understood that reference.jpg
Daroachesminion: I'll burn those fucking plushies just you wait cadenc
Pfft hahahahahaha!~ 
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Oh my gosh! My face aches from laughing!
Your a riot. Keep up the great work.
Oh and I totally agree about what Cadance does!!! Heart 
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I totally knew it on Twilight and Celestia dolls.
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Oh my :D This is so hilarious Clap 
WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
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:iconmiddlefingerplz:  :iconmiddlefinger-plz:    :iconfingerplz:   :iconfuckyoubyeplz:   

:icontwilightfacehoofplz:  :iconepicfacehoofplz:
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I get the feeling this is cannon in Pony courtship rituals.
anyone else who reads that fic agree?
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It's strange how everyone seems to assume those are voodoo dolls and Cadance is forcing them together, when I first read the comic it seemed obvious to me that the first part was in Cadance's imagination, she's like... writing the shipfic in her head, the dolls are just there to visualize the action.

But since everyone seems to assume that the situation is real I'm kinda starting to wonder if I'm not the one who got it wrong.
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Well, those being voodoo dolls is officially what is happening. If you check out what Cadance did to the Chrysalis doll, that's a big hint.

That said, I absolutely love your take on this, and it is now officially explanation #2.
Gemmarius's avatar
I love that you're ready to have several completely different explanations. Also yeah the pins in the chrysalis dolls are a pretty big hint but I thought it was like... you know putting the photo of a hated ennemy on a dartboard, it's just stress relief and it make you feel better even if they don't feel it :P
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*cough* twilight and celestia *cough*

cadence u dirty shipper u 
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