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Fix - Prologue, Page One

By DeusExEquus
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One day it's fine and next it's black.
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Just the kind of letter every retired mentor yearns to receive.
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>I can't be rule Equestria when I let something so terrible happen without stopping it.

>I should put the ponies who did that thing in charge instead.

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What did you do that is so bad and despicable Twilight?
Book-chew I ate a book...
Twilight Laughing I´M SO EVIL!! HAHAHA 
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Oooooo! Awesome. More.... more.... :D
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Wait a moment, wouldn't it be a diarchy instead of monarchy, with both of them in charge?
I can already guess where this story is going. But I'm still hyped for your contend.
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Where have you been? It was always diarchy in the FIM series.
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Well the letter, in the comic, specifically said monarchy.

So that's where my confusion came from!

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I hope I wasn't rude. May it was because it was monarchy. One during the day cycle and the other for the night cycle? So in a way may that's how it described? Not at the same time.
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This does sound reasonable!

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Yeah, I think I won't like where this is going.
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I am SO into this story tight now!

And you came back! <3
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Wow! I thought you left forever after the series finale! I'm excited to see what brought you back.
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A little rushed don't you think?
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Good to see you back i miss your work n.n
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Is this about Chrysalis, Cozy Glow and Tirek?
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God I hope not.
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What happened that Twilight gave the rule back to Celestia and Luna? 
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GIF My Little Pony - Crazy! Twilight Sparkle ''THE PICNIC!'' icon Crazy Twilight Sparkle Emoticon Icon 17 Crazy Twilight Sparkle Emoticon Icon 7 Crazy Twilight Sparkle Emoticon Icon 20 Crazy Twilight Sparkle Emoticon Icon 4 Atomic Cock 

Gee, Spike. There goes the neighborhood. Better call Princess Celestia and Luna.
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Man, here we go again (with dark stories I say)
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