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Fix - Chapter Two, Page Twelve

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Twilight, sweetie, how many times have it turned out to just suck when any of you were on your own, especially when facing a powerful challenge? As for why you thought you had to do it alone, it could have been anything, from the nightmare in the start of this story, to just your new duties being overwhelming.

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It's literally magic.

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This is a really interesting story... and it's totally in character for Twilight to want to do this. I look forward to reading more!

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Together they cannot fail. Hopefully they can give those three the redemption they deserve.

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Ah yes, Deus Ex Friendship. Love it when that happens!

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Yay friendship friends!

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Awesome page, good to see the REAL Mane 6!

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I originally found this comic on Derpibooru. And I think it's awesome. It covers something I wish had actually happened in the show. Thanks for creating it.

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Yeah, it always ends with hugs..

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Awwww, how cute, I expected something like this, but it really much appreciated to look at this, the hug and the word of Twilight's friends. Go for 'em, girls!

"Dash is apparently super high or something."

I was about to say that, lol.

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the mane six always have communication issues with each other especially Twilight. Heh. Can't wait to see what happens

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Seeing a moment like this makes it stung that Spike is left out there.

You think him finally being included in the rainbow laser would finally make him be able to truly bond as equals with the girls or something(you know, moment such as this) but I guess not..

Still I wonder where is he and such while this is happening?

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Watch the show - Starlight tried to kill Spike and Twilight several times.

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Why was this conversation about Starlight and such ended up with my comment and such?

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No, but, that’s different is. Chrysalis had her chance when Twilight...


Reasons. Poorly, poorly thought out reasons.

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The Mane 6 have a special bond with each other and even if Spike is a close friend to Twilight it doesn't mean they have to do everything together, and he's okay with that, in many episodes Spike let the girls and Twilight do their things (especially the more girly ones). And if Twilight would have requested Spike's help for this specific problem, he would have say yes without a doubt.

The comic suggests Twilight wanted to do this on her own, so Spike probably was sent to a place far enough to don't notice Twilight's absence in more than one week.

NeoRogueShadows Well said. People that actually watched the show know Spike is a noble and kind dragon that isn't resentful and can be in good term with other independently of their past. Too bad some people only remember conveniently what they want, ignoring the logic even if contradicts themselves.

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It seriously bothers me that Spike is really ok with that.

I mean he's literally born from the very event that linked the girls together.

It really a problem that Spike isn't allowed to have that same special bond the girls had there.

In fact he should have that special bond now due to he was included in the final rainbow laser with the other girls, like he's some sort of 7th Element now.

It just doesn't seem right that Spike keeps getting left out like that.

Especially with many times he missed out on stuff(especially due to they made him stay behind to watch stuff).

I am pretty sure Spike ended up enjoying some of the "girly" stuff.

And many of the stuff Spike got left out on is not exactly too "girly" either.

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It's okay to feel that way, but you also have to consider people have their own circle of friends and Spike doesn't feel bad for it, several episodes had shown that and treated the topic.

Twilight was the only one responsible of Spike's hatching (the others caused Twilight to make her magic but only she and maybe Celestia or Twilight's mother took care for him) and her direct friend since childhood, the other mares are in good terms and are friends with him but aren't as close as Twilight (Rarity have a space place in Spike's heart but it's more a crush and the relationship is very different from Twilight or any other pony) so they don't really have a special bond with him and they don't have the need to have one. It could not feel pretty fair but usually, Spike is there when they really need him, but they don't need to be together all the time. Even the Mane 6 have especially closeness with certain ponies that others in their own circle.

Spike has adopted many girly and pony customs but he still is a creature with his own interests, he also has his own circle of friends like Big Mac and Discord. Do you really think Twilight would feel excluded from them? Of course not, she understands they have a common bond and interests only the three of them can share.

Spike for his own is an important part of MLP, but there still are things only the Mane 6 can do for their own. (Neither it means he can't assist them later).

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Starlight tried to drop Spike to his death, but he’s friends with her. Tempest Shadow tried to blow him and his friends up but he doesn’t seem particularly put-out by her. Garble has multiple times tried to cause him or something he cared about physical harm, but he was willing to help him out.


You are creating a barrier that logically would not exist within the show based on everything that was actually in the show, which leads me to wonder if you’ve ever actually watched the show.

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That, plus the fact that his feelings on this should be considered since you know... one of them almost ripped off his wings?
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Twilight has her friends, all is right in Equestria.

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Aww thats so sweet the power of friendship 💖

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