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Fix - Chapter Two, Page Three

By DeusExEquus
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Trust Princess of the Sun to throw some shade.

fotland42's avatar

It does sound like an easy drug to abuse, but it could be worse.

HunterBrony101's avatar

Shouldn't the next page be up by now?

ChocolateKitty16's avatar
Probably tomorrow or later, he could probably be very busy and didn’t have time to work on the comic
EltonStuffProdutions's avatar

Glad to see celestia and luna haven't changed

aqdrobert's avatar

Doctor Gregory House recommends Vicodin.

"Hello sick ponies and your loved ones..."

templar127's avatar

A potion that let's you pull all-nighter.

Soooo... It's coffee XD

Pony4Koma's avatar

1/3 of extra life to live, OF COURSE IT IS ADDICTIVE!

PhoenixFlambe's avatar
So Insomnia Potion. That is not medicine.
DrX-Raven's avatar

You make even their dreams? Do you leave your subjects any privacy, Luna?

samykhadre's avatar

Not until you have traumatismes and too broke for a therapy.

Bassline88's avatar

Of course Celestia couldn't resist taking a little jab at Luna xD

It appears Trolllestia didn't retire^^

DrChrisman's avatar

Geez Luna,

Your upset when they don't see the night

but you also get upset when they don't dream:XD:

A year more then enough time for Twilight though:D

nightshroud96's avatar

Pretty much she gets upset if her work doesn't get appreciated.

Sadly it still felt like she's not getting the amount of appreciation Celestia had gotten.

Yes Luna got some attention but it still felt like she's still stuck in Celestia's shadow.

sigel4ever's avatar
Ok, we have some info

But didn't explains what the hell she is doing...
DrChrisman's avatar

likely talking to them though the mind

3D-Ladysmith's avatar

That last panel is perfect! Luna's look should have Celestia's mane smoking...

asdtroi8895's avatar

Damn, Twilight really should have gotten help if thats how she war getting her plan to work. Also damn, Celestia is savage!

Kirby-Hanyou's avatar

Woah, Celestia is so mean to her sis.

jimmyhook19202122's avatar

Lulu's face in the last panel though. XD

Commissioner-Y's avatar

So, Twilight is, literally, a sleep-depraved lunatic. :facepalm:

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