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Fix - Chapter Two, Page Sixteen

By DeusExEquus
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The tragedy deepens

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"What" is the appropriate response for this.

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Chrysalis just sees no reason to feel empathy for her food. Does a lion feel empathy for a gazelle?

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Yeah except a lion may PLAY with its food, Chrysalis TORTURES and TORMENTS her food. See the difference?

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my bet got betrayed by someone she loved made her bitter and hateful and probably a pony

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Who bets ponies made her evil?
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That often seems to be the cliche go-to...

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But it will show Ponies can be the true monsters of Equestria
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Horrible love carnage followed...

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i think is the time be young and a little naive but something change her live forever and believe she can't be save her dark path...well the chance will come to her!

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Pinkie: Wow, not see this coming!

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Aw, she looks so friendly as she quite possibly goes out to steal love from the unsuspecting.

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Aww humans look so friendly as the eat other creatures corpses

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Yeah Twilie! WHUT the WHUT indeed!

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That was interesting, I think I would be "Dafuq" though.

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To finish Twilight's statement; Dafuq? XD

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Goofy Ghh... "Somethin' wrong here..."

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Okay, I would believe that the other two's past will be truely sympathetic, but there is no way this is anything but a delusional memory on Chrysalis's part.

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yeah, I have a hard time seeing her being this good and sweet. MAYBE she wasn't always mad as a hatter, but she always came across as a schemer and a touch psychopathic.

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yeah like so, dafug ?!?

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chrysalis was nice once???

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No no, she's right, what

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