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Fix - Chapter Two, Page One

By DeusExEquus
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Ayy, The Mane 6 are in the house

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Besides, you know how her wings can lock up under stress, and this place isn't exactly relaxing.

I don't think she would fall to her death at this point in her life, but why take the chance?
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Why take the stairs? Just put on the "Covenant of Artorias" and jump down the middle!
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I wouldn't call that flying, but falling, with style.
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sexer Well said Woody!
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I can hear them saying those lines:XD:
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Well, won't they be in for a surprise. I wonder if they could help Twilight from outside of the statue.

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.... I.... can't even with Shyhorse anymore...
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silly fluttershy n.n
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Don't even start with saying Ex-Princesses, Rarity. -_-
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They’re in for a horror
jimmyhook19202122's avatar
Btw. Just to make sure: You with me on hating the way The Royal Sisters just end up retiring and leave Twilight all alone and suffering the overworking duties of the duo? :P
StarBoltMLP's avatar

That much I can agree on

jimmyhook19202122's avatar

Yep. :)

I swear.... this Eclipse is so hard. :/

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