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Fix - Chapter Two, Page Fourteen

By DeusExEquus
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Look, we're all thinking it, so I'm just going to get it out of the way and say it now:

oh no, he's hot
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King Vorak sure doesn't want anycreature to forget whose castle this is.

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Is this hallway taking place somewhere in the badlands still? Or is this somewhere else?

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just like those origin story comics!

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Teen Tirek.

I wonder if he is worse than Normal Tirek...?

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ohh awkward teenage granny's boy daddy issues tirek

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This is either how Tirek's mind conceves his prison or a flashback. It should be quite interesting either way. I wonder what if any changes you'll make to his comic backstory if thats what your going for.

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~Uh oh, here come some daddy issues.~

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Well, let's see if they'll actually be redeemable.

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Would have thought this would be a new chapter

and guess where doing the Flashback route

too much anticipation

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Yay! I was right! Applejack and Rainbow with Tirek. Let's see how the Appledash duo can help stupid sexy Tirek, I mean, young Tirek. I hope the ponis know why Tirek did what he did and help him.

" oh no, he's hot "

You read my mind, bro.

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I trusted you... Why didn't you make it happen...? 😭😭😭

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Scroll down at the comments and see what my first comment I posted is talking about

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Why did you want Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash to be partners?
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Because this is Tirek´s mind.

It is -safer- _apropiate_ for the two -lesbians- _tomboys_ to "deal" with with HIM.

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What do you mean? They're friends all the time.

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So? Applejack and Rainbow Dash are friends too so as the rest of mane 6 too. (Well I mean true, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are friends since Childhood. But why you need them to together? I think Applejack and Rainbow Dash are good friends so I think it’s good enough for them to redeem Tirek, I also think it’s their personalities also help him too)
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So what? That's it? Applejack and rainbow dash is okay but these two only redeem tirek? Seriously??

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I mean there’s 3 villians and the mane 6 so I think they trying make even for them like Rainbow Dash and Applejack for Tirek, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie for Chrysalis, and Twilight and Rarity for Cozy Glow
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Well I'm definitely looking forward to what you do with Tirek. The guy has a few redeeming qualities to him. He seems to like nature, as evinced by how comfortable and easily he was able to set up a campsite for himself, as well as his catching a falling bird in "Summer Sun Setback" rather than ignoring it or harming it. He also has an odd honorable streak - when he cut a deal with Twilight he kept his word, even though he had no incentive to do so beyond his own personal integrity.

Hmm, so this means that Chrysalis is most likely getting Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, based on their positions in previous comics? The latter seems like a good choice, the former...I can't see it, personally. Even if you're not an evil changeling bent on world domination Pinkie Pie can be a bit much to handle. I can't begin to even think of what sort of connection Pinkie could form with Chrysalis...well, I can, but they feel like they'd be a bit of a stretch. Fluttershy is going to have to do most of the legwork there.

And Rarity and Twilight for Cozy. Again, I can see the argument for Twilight, but Rarity seems like a very odd choice. I guess the idea is a connection through Sweetie Belle or something? We'll see, but I still say Pinkie would have been utilized here.

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For Cozy, I suppose both are seen as maternal figures, and to be fair, we got nothing on her motive. For Chrysalis, she's usually sour, so I guess being cheerful and compassionate helps?
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Pinkie would be a hard pick for any of them but Fluttershy would work for all of them.

If there is a plus side to you being wrong is that we get to see these pairing would work out.

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Well I got that pairing right! Now let's see how things play out between them

But why must Tirek be so handsome xD

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