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Fix - Chapter Two, Page Eleven

By DeusExEquus
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Couple things to say about this page.

First off, originally when I planned all this out Applejack had been pretty much the only one talking to Twilight these last few pages. I have this bad habit of having her be the 'spokesmare' of the group, since she's the most serious one. That included the final panel on this page showing the five of them grouped together, and Applejack being the one to offer help.

Obviously I ultimately spread the dialogue around a bit. But what I really like is that you don't know who's talking in that final panel, who's actually offering to help. Because, of course, the answer is that it's really all of them.

The second thing is a bit of advice for anyone who is or is aspiring to be an artist: your art sucks, start over.

Obviously I'm no great artist myself. But look at the original, fully complete version of that middle panel. I mean, it's not terrible, I guess. But compared to the final version it's definitely lacking, badly.

I'm on a pretty tight schedule here; I need to be making at least one of these pages a week. But I still looked at that panel after it was done and said “Nope.” And what I came up with when I redid it is miles better.

On the other hand, don't let that destroy your momentum either. At some point you need to be done. Case in point, the last panel on this page. I'm actually not too thrilled with how it came out, and I really would like to redo it. But, even so, it is still serviceable—whatever I'd come up with would be nowhere near the difference between the two versions of the middle panel. So I decided to just move on.

So there's your artistic advice: What you're doing sucks, try again. But also don't be afraid to move on at some point.

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I may believe that freindship is magical, but I no longer believe in the infallibility of it

I would go along not because I care or believe they can be reformed (or should) but out of curiosity

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Oh you poor misguided pony. I know you mean well, but you, Starlight and Scorpan had tried to help them, but they wouldn't listen to reason. Oldest rule when it comes to fighting the good fight or helping those in need; you can't save everybody.

watcher25's avatar

I sometimes have doubts that everyone even should be saved.

and conceing the subject of fighting the good fight (I will interpret that as doing the best with what is available)

I still find it ridiculous that Twilight needs to see friendship as her job to believe in aiding its spread. Considering that magic and the like makes life in this world so much easier, surely just valuing friendship would be motivation enough to act on it- not unlike any pony carrying out their talents.

worse, those past “victories” easily could have been luck/ correlation rather than a reliable strategy about befriending someone who is trying to murder/enslave/destroy your home.

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I know Twilight cares, and what she does is admirable, but villains like Cozy Glow, Chrysalis and Tirek didn't want to be saved. Power tends to corrupt the weak of mind and the faint of heart. Many were afraid that the Mane 6 and those they help would fall into the edge of the abyss, but they haven't fallen in and we thank Celestia and the heavens for that. But to quote a certain butler; "They fell into the very pit years ago, and no one, not even them could pull them back.". The only thing I feel for the villains are pity. One that should never taken for granted.

watcher25's avatar

I would argue that it is absurd to tread the line if it can be avoided all together (looking at you goody four shoe mane six)

but I take your meaning.

EltonStuffProdutions's avatar

Those are some good friends right there.

Pony4Koma's avatar

I hope AJ brought a hammer and chisel with her.

If magic failed they are gonna have to de-petrify them analog style.

NeoRogueShadows's avatar

"Okay. How can we help?"

Those are the right words.

Kirby-Hanyou's avatar

Pffffff, hahaha. The second person blocks me because I don't share his posture of the 'fair' villains' punishment. I see a patron here. MLP Ending defenders can't swallow other points of view but still are here bitching in a comic they don't like. When I'll read their comments once the villains have a better ending here will be glorious.

BTW Alfamondohyuuken, I only wanted to addressed you this:

I'll do but tell that to lilslimy too, just mentioned me because it seems is still butthurt with me. What's the point of blocking someone if you still mention it?

And somebody is making a comic about why they deserved better. Deal with it too.

Kirby-Hanyou's avatar

Nice to see Twilight's friends are willing to help her even if they have their doubts, maybe they can't trust the trio but can believe in Twilight.

About the panel change, well, it really was worth it the change, the original pic it's okay but the new one really feels Twilight's pain and sorrow. I don't think your art sucks but it's good to know you don't give up and keep improving.

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Brutal as it may be, Twilight, you can't save everyone. You can always try, though, but it works much better when you have proper support from the beginning.

That being said, it would be a good idea to take them on one at a time, and not all three at once.

QuantumBranching's avatar

I'd agree there. And start with Cozy Glow: depowered, she's the easiest to keep control of. (I've seen at least one fanfic where they farm her reformation out to Sunset Shimmer, since with her magic stone she can always see what she's plotting).

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This is quite interesting.

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They're your friends. They'll always have your back. Maybe they believe there's a chance of success, maybe they don't, but if you say you need to try then they'll help you try.

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Even if we won't have anything about them in S10 comics, I feel comfortable to consider this comic canon.

Also, wise words in the description, I really like how much effort you put into these panels, especially textures and shading.

DrChrisman's avatar

So many Canons too pick from on the topic though:D

VectorVito's avatar

Anything that sticks to the early seasons spirit is more canon, than S8 and S9.

DrChrisman's avatar

I say it more in line with Meghan McCarthy spirit

But that still a lot closer to Lauren Faust vision then what we got for S8 and S9

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I mean they always trusted her despite her mistakes or would-be mistakes. So I guess they really trust that she knows what she's doing. I don't recommend retconning their personalities though, adding on to them is fine, but retconning them like they did with Ahuizotl is most definitely a butt pull. Also, that advice sounds like something Gordan Ramsay would say.
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Ignoring Discord never helped either and in most certainly didn't help with Starlight. Some will say that these three didn't change and they had their chance but the truth is they never did and thus never could change. Not without help at least.

With the help of her friends I'm sure Twilight can get through to them.

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Well Starlight did reach out to Chrysalis but the one that I just can't buy reforming is Cozy Glow. She actually attended the School of Friendship and learned about friendship from the Mane 6.

asdtroi8895's avatar

Starlight tried reaching out to Chrysalis right after she supposadly lost everything and her changelings seemingly mutated for the worse in her eyes. Remember when Twilight also tried reaching out to Starlight after she was defeated in Our Town?

The School of Friendship isn't a reformation device especially for villans whom the heroes don't even know are villans yet. Most of the classes seemed to be about history and whatever activities the teachers wanted to do. The friendship stuff seemed to come in the form of out of classrmoon activities where we barely saw Cozy ever attend in. And that still doesn't change the fact that she never got a second chance.

If I were to have to memorize a poem (I sometimes had to do it in school for grades) I wouldn't neccessarely get its meaning. Just that its something I'd have to memorize for grades. Cozy memorizing her lessons in school for grades is not the same as actually taking them to heart.

Discord meanwhile got and an entire reformation program all to himself.

az-amon-ra's avatar

I suppose the big difference is that Cozy and they others are actively malicious and enjoy the hurt they cause. Starlight had good intentions with her equal Cutie Marks and Discord didn't care about others. He made things difficult for the ponies but he wasn't actively trying to hurt them. He was just a selfish bully.

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