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Fix - Chapter Three, Page Thirteen

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He asked what the changelings eat, totally unprompted.

How did I miss this red flag two weeks ago?

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Man, I really don't wanna hate on this, but...

Just...c'mon. Don't make this be "Chrysalis was the real victim" here, because that's obviously not the case as it's not in line with her character at all. It was never about her doing what she did in self-defense, in retaliation for a past wrong, or trying to preserve her kind, it was always about her being power-hungry and wanting to expand her dominion. And since conquering the ponies would also give her a food source (and thereby even more power in the biological sense), then she decided she'd conquer the ponies.

Oh sure, she list a number of cover stories in an attempt to excuse herself, but they rarely ever held any weight. For her, it was always more about the power than it was much anything else.

And, honestly, I feel like ignoring that aspect like this comic is threatening to do would both critically cheapen her character, as well as twist her into something she's just really not.

In short, she was never the victim. She was always the wanna-be conqueror.

And seeing it took only one changeling to disagree enough to try another more peaceful approach to completely overthrow her and lead to her downfall...that sort of proves it.

That's not to say she can't still be redeemed, because she can. It's just not going to be as easy or as simple as saying "oh well, she was the victim that one time and overreacted" like you seem to be saying (or about to say) here. trying to take the easy way out by trying to superficially shift the blame off of Chrysalis instead of addressing the deeper problems behind her villainous nature...sort of feels lacking in creativity, NGL. :(

And I think it says a lot about my respect for both the comic and the artist by wishing it would step up to the challenge and rises above that instead.

But...there it is regardless.

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Here's something that needs to be clarified:

If Chrysalis didn't harbor any ill will towards Equestria before this moment, why did she sing twice(!) about desiring to enslave all the ponies "since she was small"? Do keep in mind, one of those two times, she was alone, so it was most likely intended as information for the audience.

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:iconapplejackshockedplz: : He doin' somethin' !!!

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Well this is about to get a lot less polite.

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I still think this memory is self-serving, but a stern queen is something Chrysalis could have been before she dove head first into megalomania.

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I'm sure he had some personal experience with that before!

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Chryssi seems innocent enough, maybe not friendly, but at least cooperative.

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..... Does love taste like strawberries?


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diplomatic so far

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Wrong thing to say, Chrysalis

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Queen Chrysalis 7

Knock it off with spoilers, you people! I don't even know what happens next.

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.... So they knew them by bugs, and not Changelings? Well, that's reassuring for the last panel.

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Uh oh things are about to twist
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Does anyone else notice the stallion being polite has a bear trap for a Cutie Mark?
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His name is literally Steeltrap.

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There probably hunters. It’s a trap!

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I suspect a two face

also I have serious doubts that Chrysalis, Cozy Glow, and Tirek can be “fixed”

some wounds go too deep, especially if they’ve been picked open for too long

sometimes trust of another is rendered impossible not because they have done wrong but because they CAN do wrong with little to no consequence.

besides, the damaged caused by the vengful machinations of those three can’t be made right just with a royal pardon and a “friendship lesson”

how can anyone feel remorse when driven by desperation?

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Tempest apparently got pardoned despite committing treason(where Equestria actually fell to a military force for 3 days) and what she had done directly to the princesses.

Along with helping the Storm King presumably take over other places too.

If she got pardoned despite that huge damage, its possible for the trio(especially with what will be shown on what caused them to be like this but also the fact its ultimately Discord's fault the trio ended up nearly screwing Equestria over badly. He intended to use them as disposable pawns, which isn't right)

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And if Tempest wasn't a pony, fans wouldn't remember her at all.

I get what you're going for, but you're missing the forest for the trees. Tempest was one soldier in an army. If Tempest was a griffon or a buffalo, your entire argument would be meaningless. Even her backstory wouldn't even be sad.

"You got left Griffonstone because a bear scarred you and now you're working for the Storm King to pay for reconstructive surgery? Money the makes the world go round."

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Actually she wasn't just a solider, she was pretty much a commander and spearheaded the invasion and pretty sure she did to the other invasions too.

Pretty sure it still stands regardless if Tempest would be a pony or not.

The fans would certainly remember her due to how she had more screentime in the movie than Storm King there.

In fact the point got strengthen with if Tempest wasn't a pony and ends up working for the Storm King anyway due to being scarred but still got pardoned anyway, its possible for others too.

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Granted. But I don’t take Tempest’s case to be equivalent here. I’m not taking about if they can be pardoned, I’m talking about if they have any empathy left for it to matter.

If they are not too emotionally damaged and frankly whether or not they can buy in to the idea that the six little goody four shoes who have never suffered like them can be (or should be) trusted whether they saw the past events (some Millennia removed) or not.

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