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Fix - Chapter Three, Page Six

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My head canon is that Cozy Glow was actually a mare but with a stunted body. like baby doll from batman TAS

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That is what I thought. Makes her being turned to stone for all time (?) easier to take than some confused and naughty filly.

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So she had a naughty streak even when she was younger. I suppose thats quite normal for many kids. She just got the opportunity to do something a lot bigger then getting into a fight.

Its also worth noting that she's barely trying to hide her misdeeds. I think she wants attention.

Also thats a very creatively-lacking school.

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Sure, you've got a sweet smile, but how many of your peers were watching the argument because they were hoping to see that fight break out? It's sloppy to allow there to be witnesses who might testify against you.

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Very nicely done here. I'll have to keep an eye out for more.

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Dang, guess she had her acting skills down pat atleast

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Hm...I'm willing to bet this behavior stems from wanting attention that she isn't having with her family at home or something - that's what something like this usually is.

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and always unoriginal. Some folks are just ass hats for the sake of being ass hats

Galaxina-the-Magi's avatar

True...but this story is about trying to redeem these guys. So I think it’s reasonable for me to believe that her backstory is gonna have some redeemable elements to her character.

Also, A LOT of stuff is unoriginal these days - that doesn’t automatically make it bad. It’s the execution that counts, and so far the story itself is being executed in a very likable manner, so I think it’s safe to say that whatever road they take with Cozy, it‘ll be fantastic one way or the other. is being an “ass for the sake of it“ any more original than her having some baggage? I’ll admit they don’t do that nearly as much anymore, but y’all can’t tell me that’s an original idea.

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Stories are like pizza. It's hard to make pizza with topping that hasn't been used before, but if it's well made, then lack of originality doesn't stop one from enjoying another slice. ^^

Galaxina-the-Magi's avatar

Exactly! Very well put analogy! :D

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Agreed, I'm currently reading a great fanfiction that consists of several semi-connected mystery stories, one of which is almost exactly like a similar case from the annals of the great Sherlock Holmes, the author even admits to the similarity.

If we want to follow the logic of "only original ideas are good ideas" then little or nothing in at least the past several hundred years has been a good idea. As long as the story is coherent, and enjoyable in some fashion, it's good enough for me.

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I agree, I read and write fanfics as well. And one thing I hate about when the reviewer about originality. Nothing is original, every show has cliches and overused tropes.

Nothing is truly original anymore.

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There's this one comic that I read about how Cozy Glow was despicable to her parents, specifically her mother. What I noted is that it's AFTER she has her Cutie Mark. Perhaps how she got it influenced her to become evil? Like she saw more benefit of being evil than being nice or good.

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ok she a trouble child already but is enough to go a evil way!

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She just happened to be another Diamond Tiara. Except that she doesn't go to the Cheerlie's school during her first years of studying.

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i am Sorry, but i want to say not enough to go a evil way, what make her go this way?

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Nope, bring anyone back but her. Nope Nope Nope Nope Nope.

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Quick shift

also not a good start for Cozy

Let's hope she like DT

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betting she acting out because of her parents

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I wasn't expecting the change immediately, but I supposed Tirek has enough backstory, so moving on! Also, I'm sure it's 'DEEPER'.

She was always bad, in my theory I thought she was persecuted by bullies

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Oh, she was always manipulative. Welp, throw her statue into a pit and bury it.

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