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Fix - Chapter Three, Page Five

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Tirek learned he did was ever good enough so he decided to become the best at what he had talent in.
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I love the design of Tirek's parents~♡

It's sad they never got an appearance in the show...

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Your A- has brought shame upon this family.

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Over expecting parent I see

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his mother be very supportive but his father is not must, AJ and RD see the type of live Tirek live up too, Tirek do everything to make his father proud be ever time he not succeed, this is the reason push Tirek to become the villain he be today, thanks King Vorak to not be supportive to your son, why you not be supportive and even guild him to become a great Prince he need to be, not crush him like this! is not a surprise he become like this, I hate character like this who to their eyes, everything their child's do is not enough! is not surprise me to see them rebel against their parents, Of course some turn to the best but some for the worst like tirek!

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Considering that Vorak probably didn't know about the magic, this comes off as really dickish of him.

Saying something like this to any winner would be bad considering the amount of practice and they must have put into this competition not to mention the amazing skills on display (as someone who shot a bow myself trust me, it can be very hard to bullsy targets even while standing), but to say something like this to your son...

Lets just say its easy to see Vorak as one of, if not the key factor in Tirek's turn to villainy, especially if this is common.

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I love seeing more fan art of Queen Haydon, she’s so beautiful. In the comics she at least seemed to be more understanding of Tirek than his father was, and I wish we could of seen more of that.

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Ohhhhh! Poor Tirek! This is the beginning of his daddy issues~!

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He looks like Sagittarius the archer

Sagittarius the archer
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And cheating with magic only makes it worse

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King Vorak was an asshole, Queen Haydon was a qt3.14

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The king's got a good eye. Now who is gonna make a bigger fuss over it!

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Atomic Cock

Close only counts with horse shoes and explosives.

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You're not slick, boi

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I like the queen already.

Seriously though, no wonder Tirek has self-esteem

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no commentary this time?

Still good page:)

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Last Panel: HOW?!! HOW DID HE MISS ONE?!!

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The magic didn't count. It was obviously cheating.
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the arrow itself missed

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look at the last page again

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Yeah well, where was it even said in the rules about using magic? >:/

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