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Fix - Chapter Three, Page Eleven

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You know that the old ways cannot fill the insatiable hunger either.

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I like how the comment sections in these comics are either people agreeing or disagreeing

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I'll actually be annoyed if Chrysalis's turn to the "dark side" was because of harm ponies had done in some manner, because I've seen that posed as an explanation so many times by fans now, it feels sort of cliche, and I'd like to think one could be more inventive than that with Chrysalis.

Personal opinion, though.

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Unfortunately, Scyphi, I've got a sinking feeling this is exactly where this is going.

I mean, look, it's not that I'm totally Against ponies being completely blameless in the conflict. If an author really wants to go down the route that Chrysalis feels she's justified because of some Ancient Wrong, fair enough, but the key is often always Execution. It more often than not is done in a manner that feels like an excuse or whitewash, retroactively justifying everything Chrysalis and her hive will ever do in the future.

Unfortunately, a lot of people seem to mistake 'both sides' and 'nuance' with 'flipping around who's the Real bad guy'.

Btw, hope you've been doing well, mate :)

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Yeah, there's that fact, that's probably what bugs me the most about it.

I mean...I have seen stories where such an approach has its place, but in those instances there's usually additional logical arguments backing it up, or making some other kind of point along with it.

Without that, it really is just shifting the blame around, often unfairly and resulting in situations that should've been totally avoidable, so much so that sometimes it defies logic that it wasn't avoided sooner, all things considered. Especially if the "misdeed" wasn't intended, done by an lone outlier of a group, or brought about by a simple misunderstanding. Such as is the case of the changelings--obviously, if their rivalry with the ponies had always been a simple case of some misdeed like that, then the ponies eventually realizing that and proving that they could overcome that with some peaceful dialogue, as would be the obvious in-universe thing they would want to do, then even when you consider Chrysalis being unreasonably...well...Chrysalis, there's just not enough justification for their conflict getting dragged on like it did if that was the real motivation for it.

Especially seeing that all it took to make peace with the changelings in the end was one Thorax...though I doubt he was really the only 'ling who preferred peace with the ponies, he was just the one who actually tried to achieve it anyway. It really wasn't a hard thing to do, so if that was really all that was stopping them...

Personally, I'd much rather believe that Chrysalis's villainous traits had no real point of origin--she was just always like that, a villain to the core from hatching I suppose. Which would make reforming her despite that disadvantage the more interesting story, in my opinion.

That all said, I don't want to be too hard on this comic just because it's pursuing the trend that doesn't interest me. I know from personal experience you can't please everybody, and I recognize that's definitely part of the case with me here. :)

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Also makes no sense for someone who openly sings about wanting to control all the ponies since she was a child.

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I can see a pony who would lend Chrysalis the hoof of friendship and than betrays her
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These villain backstories are great! Sure wish they were a separate season!

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I'll admit, I was definitely on team "the three deserved what they got".

But so far the comic has been doing a good job of giving the three backstories, as well as exploring how Twilight would react to what happened.

So I guess I'm along for the ride now.

I know it'll have at least a partially happy ending, but I wonder how happy.

I'm also curious how long this comic is going to end up being.

Though I think my biggest question of all is: What's Starlight doing during all of this? Is she focused on running the school, or what?

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Guess other creatures startet deeming Changelings as monsters, so they just became the mosters everyone saw!

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Finally, it's the Queen's time! I always have thinking she isn't evil at all, the hunger problems of her hive made her take desesperate actions, and for beings that don't know about love or share, it was almost natural for them choose this path.

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Why do I have a sinking feeling I know Exactly where this is going?

To which I have to honestly ask, "Really? Another 'it's all the ponies fault' origin story?"

I mean, I see no other way this backstory's gonna go now. It's already portraying things as "poor changelings are starving and all the other creatures doesn't understand them and are killing them".

I get it. In real life, there's always two sides to every conflict and I can totally buy the idea that, okay, maybe ponies didn't always get everything right in the past, including when it came to the changelings. The key, however, is execution and so many fanfics and comics seem to mistake "being realistic" and "two sides" with just flipping around who's the "real" bad guy. As a result, anything bad the changelings have done often basically gets whitewashed and justified by whipping out some fictious ancient wrong.

Honestly, I don't get what's so wrong with the show's portrayal of the conflict. In this fairy tale setting the show is situated, there is a definitive bad guy: it's Chrysalis. Not changelings a whole, but the leadership under her. She waged a one-sided war against Equestria, who both the show and the comics have shown to have done nothing to instigate the conflict. She did it because she craved power; the show outright makes it clear she knew the right way to gain love, but lied to her subjects in order to keep them dependent on her and justify her totalitarianism.

If anything, that's Much more complex and interesting than just "poor, innocent changelings were persecuted by mean, nasty ponies and now we have to throw aside anything bad the former did because this ass-pulled ancient wrong invented for the story's sake somehow justified everything".

I hope I'm wrong and this story does something different, I really do, but I've essentially read this story a hundred times by this point, being someone who's read changeling fanfiction since 2012.

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Point of order, the show never makes it clear at all that Chrysalis new about Reformation, and in fact the dialogue heavily suggests otherwise (not the least of which because her plan in S6 was to make it so that the Hive could feed “for generations”, which hardly makes it seem like she wanted her people to starve).

At most it could be said that she saw that Thorax was doing well in the Crystal Empire and so could have realized that the Changeling paradigm could have shifted, but at the same time it’s easy to figure that she basically saw Thorax as having turned herself into a pet for the ponies, degrading himself by essentially begging for food and being fed table-scraps, something Chrysalis would never want for herself or the changelings.

That’s not the reality of the situation but it’s certainly how Chrysalis would have PERCEIVED it.

But as for the technicolor lovebug thing? There‘a no implication at all that Chrysalis knew it was possible.

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There _is_ one possible other way, but I doubt it's going to be that. If it turns out Chrysalis has a crush on Shining Armor and that's why she wanted him XD

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Looking forward to how this continues.

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I notice that Chrysalis doesn't have holes in her legs yet...👀

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Not only Chrysalis, but every other Changling as well.

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..... Wow. Nicer and scarier. Who would've thought.

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Chrissi: Solid argument, little changeling... I shall take this into consideration...!

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Heh, wow, she must have snapped to get from this to where she was.

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Finally we get to Chrysalis:D

Tough but fair, but I doubt he would get much love from either of those two species

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