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I think Pinkie needs to tone down how much powder she puts in her cannon.

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Powder, as in gunpowder.
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So would that count as attempted ponyslaughter or rape? Charges are gonna be pressed either way...
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Ummmm, My dirty mind activates now.
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This was basically my process after the comic and punchline. 0:19-0:40 Spoilers for "22 Jump street." XD…
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I don't want to harp on something, but you need a new model, or technique, for the insides of mouths. Pinkie's is a huge distraction from a very funny comic.
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I have to stop laughing before I comment. Just too funny
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Haha, she's lucky that coughing confetti is the only consequence.
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I'm confetti-dent this comic's art is simply wonderful
If that's all the damage that setting off the cannon in such an enclosed space has done, I think the amount of powder is low enough already.
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Well that escalated rumpy !
The shadow beneath Maud's chin looks like her mouth at first glance, like she's got a big goofy grin. Or is it just me?

This what I see. Seems meme-worthy almost.
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Took me too long to get... and I wish I hadn't.
Pinkie: Wait a minute. I don't have brown confetti.

Rarity: Now you do.
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Woah, too much information Rarity... :XD:
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Great way to start my morning!
So much lol.
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That was great, hilarious. Yes I believe she needs to tone down the party cannon there.
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Hehhh... A return of the ''Secret Butt Fun'' joke. :3
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