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Changeling Courtship Rituals

The cover I made for my fanfic, named, appropriately enough, Changeling Courtship Rituals.

So, this story kind of, um, exploded over on We're not talking as popular as some of the great stories on that site, but it got up there, especially considering it currently consists of one chapter and just under 3.5k words. Not the first time this has happened either; To Dethrone a Princess, one of my other stories, got quite popular too. CCR, though, looks like it's on a rocket compared to that one.

Anyway, enjoy this silly little picture. If you want a synopsis of the story, this actually covers it quite well.
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Tiavik's avatar
but it's for the best X3
WallachianBard's avatar
Read it all mate. Was AWESOME.
RBDoucette's avatar
Please continue with the Changeling Courtship Rituals, it is really funny. :)
McDoomington's avatar
Read your fic, it was a nice read.
bellmo15's avatar
Twilights face is priceless. 
jyroman53's avatar
*drop some stikins on da ground*
*crash into a wall*
Oh, that smarts
Wodahseht's avatar
I fully intend to read this at some well as the other 2k stories in my 'Read Later' list...  In any case, it's a fun concept and a cute piece of art. :)
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Detah-Ramet's avatar
Oh my god, this is amazing. I can't wait to see the next chapter!
WallachianBard's avatar
I love this!Please continue this story!
Mikkillerib's avatar
If Twilight isn't up for it, then i would be happy to take her place.
saveferris2's avatar
Aww, Twilight you're just not giving it a chance. Just think it be like being with new pony every night.
JNinelives's avatar
Well, good cover art helps a lot of promote a good story. So I guess kudos to you for both ^^.
Krazylec's avatar
Shh, just let it happen.
SFaccountant's avatar
Oh, lighten up, Twilight. Chrysalis can become anypony you want! So if you wanted to get with - just to pick a pony completely at random, here - Shining Armor, you could totally do so without any of those silly legal obstacles!
Dragontrapper's avatar
Twilight's expression - priceless
Luckythebrony21's avatar
I came from your fimfiction having just read the story.
I had no idea you'd done your own art.

It's very nice~<3
johnp580's avatar
Actually don't, ignore her sign. She just needs to have some fun time with Chrysalis. Awesome pic Deus. 
evilcheez271's avatar
oh you wrote that? cool
Fourpony's avatar
Oooohhhhh, I like that story. It is cute and I like to see things go weird. 
Sturmlion1's avatar
Talk about putting out the wrong signals. I ahve the story in my 'to read' pile. Gonna get to it soon enough.
Backjack-Kitsune's avatar
what happens if twilight would have not blown cryssy to the far side of the everfree at the end of that comic
FredMSloniker's avatar
Actually, she considered that part of the courtship rituals.
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