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Untitled :icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 1 2
Water Tribe Symbols Combined by Deus-Suetonius Water Tribe Symbols Combined :icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 5 10
She Is My World (WIP)
When the world needs you
where will you be
I'll be holding her hand
C                    dsus D
she means everything to me
C G em D
C G       am
I Stand, tall on a mountain
C G        em
I stand, on my own two feet
C      G           C
With you, beside my person
G     C          dsus D
With you, next to me
I hear the wind
I'll brave a storm
I feel you skin
G                       dsus     D
Just the thought of you, keeps me warm
When the world needs you
where will you be
I'll be holding her hand
C           &
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 1 0
music cleaves and repairs my heart
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 0 2
Would you be jealous, if I met someone else?
Would you be bothered, to be set on a shelf?
If I moved on to another girl,
would it seem, as if you lost your world?
If you said "yes," tell me so.
Don't pace the subject to and fro.
In the wind I am not easily swayed,
I'm not a pawn, I won't be played.
If you were drowning I'd jump in;
even if I couldn't swim.
I hope that you might do the same.
If I lost my mind, you'd make me sane.
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 0 0
Joy + Loss = Acceptance
Joy, sweet Joy,
a tender loving thing.
Never disheartened;
flying ever on white wings.
She stands next to Loss,
he's sullen and forever broken.
His heart, cleaved in two.
Someone gone, who knows when?
Together they become pregnant;
together they give birth.
From these two unlikely creatures,
grows a more somber Mirth.
Her name is Acceptance,
and she holds all these Memories,
of the Good and the Bad both;
of Health and Disease.
Acceptance takes the best,
both the most Happy and the most Painful.
She teaches us how to move on,
and becomes, our Guardian Angel.
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 2 0
Monkey See (Earlier Than She Should)
the flowing river, a sunken head
a fitful night, her messy bed
a startled wake, and wild eyes
this time, a blessing in disguise?
her naked feet, the slick grass
her gasping lungs, she runs fast
her beating heart, and burning eyes
maybe this time, no one dies?
the flowing river, its finally reached
a fitful night, on the beach
a broken girl, and crying eyes
a dead body, of toddler size
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 3 4
Feeling a little...
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 1 2
Falling Star, Falling Star
Falling Star, Falling Star
How I wonder Where you'll fall
Down below the ocean's shore
When you go, so will more
Falling Star, Falling Star
How I wonder Where you'll fall
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 1 2
Arid, Unproductive, Clean
Soft and fuzzy, like the forest floor
the walls were painted, mossy green
little monkeys painted in little trees
The rug was plush, yet, easy to keep clean
the room felt colder now, when once it brought joy
barren like she was, empty like his hopes
thoughts of the future, someone to watch grow
they'll use that mobile string, as hanging rope
crushed by something, they couldn't control
a love long wanted, gone forever more
aching to feel the tiny hands, and hear the tiny feet
yet, that stark and rigged bird, won't be knocking on their door
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 2 2
Should you bury a hanged man?
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 10 34
Under The Bridge (Down By The River)
Under The Bridge (Down By The River)
Verse 1:
G   G      C        C
We were, young and
G   G      D
we were, full of life
G       G   C
when the, sun went down
G             D          C                 G
we would, escape, from the, light
G   G         C     C                
the bridge, over the river
      G       G    D     D
Was Close by, your house
G    G               C      C  
you snuck out, your window
G  G   D
Quiet, as a mouse
GG     C      C
I said, hello and
G   G                    D
you said, whatcha wanna do
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 1 2
New Haircut by Deus-Suetonius New Haircut :icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 1 2
Ask Me To Describe The Perfect Spring
Once upon a perfect Spring;
it is of this my fingers sing.
A tale of bold and a tale of new,
that out from the dirt the flowers grew.
Yes as the colors grow from white to pink,
I shall paint a picture now with ink.
The world in all its wonder still,
I can watch from my window sill.
I try to capture the colors with words.
I try to describe the sound of the birds.
Sadly, though, without having heard them, you can't comprehend
Not the coo of a dove nor the flute of a wren
Without ever having seen the colors, you couldn't understand.
I can't tell you how they look, I can't describe the color red.
I can't say the green of the grass is overwhelming,
because the grass was once brown before it became Spring.
It pains me so, to be at a loss for words.
I'm without adjectives, I'm without verbs.
If you Asked Me To Describe The Perfect Spring,
I'd say it wasn't such a simple thing.
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 1 0
COLOR blinded
blinded by the Colors;
Red and Green and Blue
show your Colors true
but don't let them Color your view.
if you add some Color to your life
you'll pass with flying Colors
Purple and possibly Orange or maybe even Yellow
every Color of the Rainbow
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 2 0
On The Difficulties of Self Expression
Countless times I find myself greatly inspired - be it bed time, or alone time - where I find myself imagining fantastical conversations between two or more characters.
I know them all by face and personality alone; their names have continued to evade me. Sometimes, I dream of them. It has gotten so, that I am almost convinced that they may in fact be real people, and I am peeping into their lives, here and there, like one might see Polaroids in an album.
The trouble with this, though, lies with my several, if not greatly numerous attempts to write them down. Oh! What great sorrow befalls me? Yes, I find myself at a loss for words. I find myself entirely unable to place the still frames of the fairytale into typographical form! I know my issue must not be unique, yet I find the issue to be greatly personal and the grief falls chiefly on my own breast.
On occasion such rage consumes me at the tremendous strain oneself undergoes to recant these tales. I cannot put pen to paper, nor can I
:icondeus-suetonius:Deus-Suetonius 0 0


If I've Taken the time to critique your piece, you should feel honored, I'm lazy as hell <3


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Joel Nelson
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Ha, I'm so Dramatic <3 lol

Current Residence: New York
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Rock
Favourite photographer: me :3
Favourite style of art: Photography
MP3 player of choice: my Droid
So I started my new job on the 15th of July, and its been woooork work workwork woooork workworkworkw WORK lol

Seems like I don't have time for anything else really... It's a bit frustrating... I'm thinking about making it so that I work in the mornings. I'd hate it at first, but eventually I'd adapt.

then I'd have more time to do things during the day :/
  • Listening to: nothing new...
  • Reading: nothing :X
  • Watching: Fringe Season 5 and Parks and Rec
  • Playing: Pokemon White 2
  • Eating: junk food mostly lol
  • Drinking: Nothing interesting lol


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