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.:Latronum:. Rohtak Ref Sheet

Here's the other ref I promised to =impia-dea, this time of Rohtak! He's an incarnation of Aaron's base character that I'm allowing her to use for her webcomic. ^^ He's the god of day and Rajani's twin.

I drew him once before ("walking" the dog, Bweha) but I revamped a decent amount of design elements since then. I think I like this one a lot better~ especially his flowy hair <3



Tails by ~greenleaf-stock
BG texture 1 by ~EmoDJSteph
BG texture 2 by ~cranial-bore
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So you have a guy with a ponytail, a dress-like clothing and lots of jewelry... :icony-u-noplz: Y-U-NO LOOK LIKE A GIRL??? Why does he look so manly!!!?? What's your secret??!! I MUST KNOW AT ONCE!!!

Your concept arts are fascinating, look at that robe! The patterns are amazing! And I love how his hair is pinned down above his ear :D Looks awesome!
Deus-Nocte's avatar
XDD I dunno... I could probably put him in a dress and he'd still look manly :P

It's really just his facial structure and body type. His face is very angular (plus a square jaw) and his broad shoulders help <3

Thank you though, really glad you like it! Those patterns... such a pain to ink. |D;; But worth it I suppose~
impia-dea's avatar
:drool: He turned out so damn hot!... Mmmmm will have to practice drawing him a lot |3
Deus-Nocte's avatar
XD yes, yes I agree... lots of practice is required :P

impia-dea's avatar
Will do will do XDDD
Bethrex's avatar
OMG his design is Awesome XD!! I really like the two capes off the shoulder piece and the hair clip. Stylin like a boss!
Deus-Nocte's avatar
XD Thank you very much! I'm glad you like the tail/cape things, I wasn't sure about them at first :P
nykol-haebrd's avatar
Nice character! Great design ^_^
Deus-Nocte's avatar
nykol-haebrd's avatar
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I am very glad to see the steel-toed high heels stayed as a part of the design. : d The designs are so cleeeaaaan and beautiful and even and look so pro! Your art is aaaamaaaaaazing! What I especially love is how you made the overlapping parts transparent.... so convenient for a design sheet. : ]
Deus-Nocte's avatar
Haha, of course! I wouldn't take those boots away ;)

Thanks though! I really appreciate you saying it looks professional <3 And yeah, if hair or some other part of the design is overlapping an important element, transparency is the easiest way :D
Transparent-hummer's avatar
What a charming, gracious character! Aaaaw, I love your designs!
Deus-Nocte's avatar
Aw, thanks so much! Glad you like him <3 :)
suikasiren's avatar
Need to do some revamps myself on characters. Very noice.
Deus-Nocte's avatar
Thanks! You definitely should, we all need to see more art from you~
artandanimecatcher's avatar
so amazing. I love the pony tail and clothes :)
Deus-Nocte's avatar
Thank you very much! Glad you like him :)
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