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.:Latronum:. Rajani Ref Sheet

If you guys remember this picture or have been looking at my sketchdumps, chances are you've seen this guy. This is the long overdue reference sheet for him!

I don't think I ever fully explained it on here, but basically I'm letting =impia-dea use two incarnations of my characters (Rajani and Rohtak) in her webcomic, Latronum. This is why Rajani has the same facial structure as Nox, and Rohtak will look rather similar to Aaron.

But, make no mistake, these pairs of characters are entirely separate from each other. While they come from the same base personality, they have a lot of differences between them. Rajani, unlike Nox, is also a god--the god of night. :)

I really do enjoy this design. I think it came out rather pretty, and I think it suits the character~ Let me know what you guys think!

P.S. Jinn, I am eternally sorry for making his jewelry and transparent shirt thing so damn detailed. 8|


Robe by *Moonchilde-Stock
BG texture 1 by ~EmoDJSteph
BG texture 2 by ~cranial-bore
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Digging the starry sky pattern and jewelry details, pretty awesome :D
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Thank you! :D Glad you like it~
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I really like his boots and the jewelry in his hair. (Not sure what to call it XD)
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Thanks! I dunno, a headdress I guess? |D Glad you like it~
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It's okay XD I'll get you back someday ;P

This is utterly amazing! Rajani is just sex. I don't think I can describe how hot he is any other way XD Thankyou so much for doing this as it will help me draw him better ^^
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Thank you! ^^ Glad you like him~ Hopefully you'll get good use out of this and like Rohtak's just as much. XD
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Oh def will ^^
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Thank you! :)
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