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In the mean streets of the Internet, fandom carries a gun. Off Topic Productions invites you into a whole new world where online communities have become Tron-esque cities, where moderators and forum trolls fight their endless battles with semi-automatic weapons, and where one man is about to find out that taking down cyberpunk conspiracies isn't all fun and games.... The Nameless Mod for Deus Ex is one of the most ambitious single player modifications ever created. Seven years in development, its features include 2 unique storylines — each with an average of 15 hours of playtime — over 50 non-linear levels, more than 70 characters,
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Everyone here obviously remembers Jay Anthony Franke, the awesome dude who voiced both JC and Paul Denton in Deus Ex and Deus Ex Invisible War. He provided a fantastic performance, delivering every line with such conviction (and at times charmingly amusing) that he made JC and Paul become the endearing and highly believable characters that we know them to be. Now Matt and I the moderators of this here little club operate from our base in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. (lol US: "we're from Australia! can you get us into the club JC?!" JC: "SHURE") And you know what we just found out? -and MySpace and Wikipedia confirms it. Mr Franke him
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*sigh* Not much to update on as of late. Eidos Montreal has yet to serve us a delicious new dish of info on Deus Ex 3, so for now we can only wait... ...and never stop looking at the tasty collection concept art they have given us in the meantime! I mean seriously... It really is extremely stunning. It's been so long since we've been subjected to such a rich and beautiful vision of a cyberpunk world since Blade Runner first hit the cinema screens in the early 1980's. Overall it is a different art style from Deus Ex 1, but familiar allthesame. It's hard not to like it, especially since cyberpunk has barely lifted its head in a long time. Y
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I've opened the mayor. And when the power drops go in and go in and go in and go in like the U.S. Marshal and his 3 daughters and we lose the vaccine.
We want to power down the whole system!
Deus Ex= Best PC game of all time :) Only Kings could make such an epic game, Or better than kings, Gods! :).
I....I....I tough you were the GEP GUN!
I am a big fan of Deus ex.Infact thats the only game that kept me going till d end.The storyline of deus ex 1 was simply fabulous,I mean despite d poor quality of the graphics the background storyline made it up.If they were to a movie out of it,it would have been a blockbuster hit.I am playing invisible war now but d story was much more intriguing in d first version.A bit suprised to see a fan club in here in deviantart though.......please make me a part of this esteemed fanclub.