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Creative Exercise: Wrote a few dozen teenage misadventures that take place during the anti-climactic first day back to school. My favorite ideas couldn't possibly all take place during one day, so the timeline was adjusted to take in the first few days/first week of classes. (Dexter Comics Episodes 201-220)

Although the original Dexter Comics took place at Hellford High, I pretty much ran out of things to say about not needin' no education...

Years later, a brainstorming session unearthed all kinds of forgotten (yet unforgettable) moments from high school. Funny shit that people said and did. Some of it word for word... Other stuff was simplified to fit in a comic strip.

Either way, this is what I really learned in high school...
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Never expected to see 200 episodes of Dexter Comics... But here they are. Inspired by James Bond, Star Wars, South Park, and life in general.

I'm fairly happy with most of the art. As always, part of me would re-draw a few episodes, but that's never been my M.O. I always figure if I'm gonna expend effort on anything, I might as well just make a completely new episode.

Got a bit lazy with most of the backgrounds, instead of making them more elaborate with hidden stuff like I normally do.

I guess since I haven't done this stuff in so long, I just wanted to get each panel finished, without getting discouraged by how much time it was taking to add a hundred little details into each scene.
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Fell into a groove while sketching and inking. Can't remember the last time that I got so absorbed with artwork that I didn't care what time it was. Takes me back to the good old days.

Sometimes it can be hard to find motivation... Motivation to start something in the first place, or even to finish it... But once that creative ball gets rolling, you don't want to let it stop.
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Last night after playing Super Mario Bros 3, I woke up with vivid memories of unlocking the secret White Toad House in a dream.... Which is what I had been trying to do earlier in the evening.

Restless and unable to sleep, I figured I might as well go ahead and unlock the secret Toad House (containing a special powerup) by collecting virtually all the coins in the target level.

I proceeded to discover that with the updated graphics and textures in the Super Mario All-Stars version that I'm playing, they decided to make the secret Toad Houses blue in color... (view screenshots)

I don't mind the updated textures and backgrounds for the most part, but somehow, I really prefer the classic White Mushroom house with black spots. It's unique and special, just like so many other things in the game. I feel like one of those old Star Wars fans, upset at all the digital enhancements in the updated films...
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Every once in a while, I like to dust off my old Nintendo systems, and play oldschool Mario on a rainy day... But I just happened to find a modified Wii with emulators already installed...

I decided to get Super Mario All-Stars (hence the Boo artwork in Scraps), and once again forgot how much fun those games can be! I don't care if the graphics are a far cry from what gaming systems can do today.

Figured I was just a weirdo, reluctant to evolve... But I'm finding to more and more people who've recently played their retro Nintendo/PlayStation games and re-lived their childhood favorites. It's just appreciating the foundation of what started it all.
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Figured I might have forgotten how to draw Dexter the illegal alien, but he started re-appearing on the page before I even realized it.

Last seen stealing presents from Santa's sleigh, Dexter was also involved with the suspicious death of jolly old St. Nick... Somehow, Hell seemed like the best place to resume Dexter's misadentures. A bit of a transition for sure.
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I'm back... Wish the same could be said for the website.

Fortunately, the Detstar pages can be retrieved in the Web Archive:…

You can also find my new blog here:
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After returning from another necessary break, I wake up to  discover my website is gone.

My mail's gone too, so anything that was sent to me after January 3, 2009 wasn't received. I'm in the process of setting the website up again.

I'll be back.
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Ever wake up, and get the feeling that you've just been to a hundred different places, and met a million different people? My brain was absolutely in first gear as soon as I woke up this morning, yet I could barely remember anything about the countless dreams that I had just experienced....

The only scene that comes to mind is in some third world country, where some school kids are building a school garden. One of the boys is secretly stealing seeds and putting them in his pocket so his family can grow some food.

I'm not sure what it means, but I'm gonna head down to the Wal-Mart and steal some seeds and plant some vegetables or something...
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Summer's almost here, but it's crappy and rainy outside... So instead sitting out and drawing, I stayed in and did some coloring... And some harmless vandalism.
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I've been having some fun with the Dexter Comics characters and the Grand Theft Auto theme...

I heard that Grand Theft Auto IV sold $50 million during the first week alone. That sounds insane, but the marketing machine must have truly done its' job. I've seen "Grand Theft Auto" banners the size of buildings...
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Just posted some single panels with Pete from future episodes of the Comics. I really had fun with this batch. Hopefully the next batch will be just as entertaining to create.
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Been working on tons of new Comics for the summer season, and I plan to post a brand new cartoon every Monday... Eventually, I'd like to post new episodes on Mondays AND Fridays.
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I came up with some twisted toys for the Holiday Season...  
Unlike Christmas shopping, I actually had fun making this fake list.

Some of them are in my gallery, the rest are found here:…

Merry %@#$mas, everyone.
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