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Still living in the past...
Still keep a shotgun by the front door.

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Creative Exercise: Wrote a few dozen teenage misadventures that take place during the anti-climactic first day back to school. My favorite ideas couldn't possibly all take place during one day, so the timeline was adjusted to take in the first few days/first week of classes. (Dexter Comics Episodes 201-220) Although the original Dexter Comics took place at Hellford High, I pretty much ran out of things to say about not needin' no education... Years later, a brainstorming session unearthed all kinds of forgotten (yet unforgettable) moments from high school. Funny shit that people said and did. Some of it word for word... Other stuff was simp
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Never expected to see 200 episodes of Dexter Comics... But here they are. Inspired by James Bond, Star Wars, South Park, and life in general. I'm fairly happy with most of the art. As always, part of me would re-draw a few episodes, but that's never been my M.O. I always figure if I'm gonna expend effort on anything, I might as well just make a completely new episode. Got a bit lazy with most of the backgrounds, instead of making them more elaborate with hidden stuff like I normally do. I guess since I haven't done this stuff in so long, I just wanted to get each panel finished, without getting discouraged by how much time it was taking to
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Roll on

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Fell into a groove while sketching and inking. Can't remember the last time that I got so absorbed with artwork that I didn't care what time it was. Takes me back to the good old days. Sometimes it can be hard to find motivation... Motivation to start something in the first place, or even to finish it... But once that creative ball gets rolling, you don't want to let it stop.
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Thanks for the favs!
So i was listening to some Goldeneye music on youtube and for some reason I remembered long time ago your GE Mysteries section. I enjoyed it a lot. Glad it is archived. Good to know your still around!
Yeah, that's me.
Covered a bunch of my favorite Nintendo games over the years, but GoldenEye 007 and Super Smash Bros. Melee were definitely the most popular.
Oh, sorry I didn't reply earlier, but umm.
Dude. Thank you for that site. :P It's really what got me on the internet.
Did you by chance have a website that covered things like Super Smash Bros. Melee's debug menu?
he disappeared again