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[Release] Miia (Monster Musume) Garrysmod



Thanks for 63k pageviews (yeah im late, ok. im lazy, and just little bit behind)

Miia (Monster Musume) for garrysmod

Heres the snake chick from the Manga
Its a meshmod by me, the d

Credits/Parts Used:

Face Base: Saboten (modified)
Body Base: Heavy modified Illusion SB3 (A super custom boobjob)
Orig Outfit/Hair/Tail: Hinoichi
Bikini Top: Senran Kagura
Lightwarp texture: RTB

The tail has been cut much shorter, because of Gmod. And plus it would take way too long to rig. I got better things to do, like make more hot grils for my collection.


Use Face poser for Eye posing

Minor clipping at shoulder areas at certain angles (too lazy to fix)

If your directX is too old, it wont support Lightwarptexture. If thats the case, it defaults to halflambert. Or if you just dont want the lightwarp for some reason anyway, delete the $lightwarptexture line from the VMTs located in: materials/models/MMD/musume/stuff

Q: Wheres the snake pussy
A: i consider myself a pervert, but not to THAT extent

P.S. I will make and post a generic looking anime male in the similar aesthetic to go with this model soon.…
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I was on wanted to see more of the other roster character from Monster Musume. Like Centorea and Papi.