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Warrior - WordPress Theme

By detrans
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Warrior - Premium WordPress theme.

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I'm looking for people to submit graphics, code, templates and projects to my new marketplace. 

All you have to do is upload and submit & you set the price! Start earning more from your products :)

Hope you're interested!
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How do I get this?
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It's not available for sale.
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That's unfortunate - it's exactly the look I would like for a cosplay startup I am working on.  
Excellent work on this, I love the feel of it.  I can do the graphic design part, but am not brave enough to try the coding to make my own template :-)

Excellent work - very inspirational!
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Great color combination :)
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This is sick! Love the style shapes and the balance!
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This only image or you have template???
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no template yet
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Did u made those dragons and others.............?
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very good work, but any client would argue that the context font is unreadable because of the brightness.
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But he can change it according to the wish of him...???
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thanks, - not made for client : )
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Very nice work dude!
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Very crispe, some of the text maybe even too much. Kinda hard to read.
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I am considering to change them
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I like of the concept that you used.
It is sober but you focus for the gamer site style.
Pretty Good!
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my first intention was to make a game style theme,
but later I changed my mind, so now it can be used for any blog or portfolio...
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