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Website is up and moving with all the recent stories, character bios and other fun tidbits about O.U.R.S. so check it out! 

Now, I'll be focusing on posting daily sketches on my Instagram and Twitter . I'm hoping to up those sketches to the weekends and post more progress shots of larger projects for the lovely Counterworlds!~

Speaking of:

Catch up on those stories! Every listen is appreciated and drives us! Leave a review, tell your friends, what have you! We thank you from the bottom of our twisted, twisted hearts! Heart Heart 

We hope to get back to those YouTube vids....

Happy New Year my dudes! :squee: 
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The prequels to The Obsession are rolling out over at Counterworlds!

Part One is Quinn, the Dreamer. It's her first strange introduction to the world in the Rift and the agents of O.U.R.S. You can also visit TheCastleintheRift - you can find the story there, The Obsession and full bios of the players in this science fiction world!

Other cool things~ The Obsession and Trust No One Series are on YouTube at last!

There are cute little animations and everything:

And finally, as always, I'm open to doing art for the peeps of this wonderful world.

Check out my gallery page for information on prices and junk!

Want to see progress shots and general silliness? Stalk me on:



I also have (for some ridiculous reason):



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It's already well into the new year! Woo!
With AbsconderMedia's move to Libsyn our listeners have increased which I'm so happy about.

Really! It keeps me going! With more listeners we strive to improve quality and pump out fun and awesome stories that we hope you enjoy. It's a reward in itself!

We also have a few things we're selling too~

Of course the best thing is our followers, so share with your friends!

In other news, The Castle in the Rift is being updated to primarily showcase The O.U.R.S. Chronicles.

Along with that, I've put up a quick commission page there but I'm also about to post it here!

So send me notes if you're interested!
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Well it's mid October, a lovely time for many reasons but more than ever I'm excited to announce Counterworlds' overhaul update!

We've upped our quality, changed our host, and have many new ideas to proceed forward to give out new short, fun, episodic stories so check 'em out over at!

You can also follow us on tumblr or twitter to get first hand updates of stories, goings on and other cool things to enjoy~

For a personal victory, we've gone through and remade my short story The Obsession - part of a full story under O.U.R.S. Chronicles. Check it out at the Counterworlds website for the audio version or read it for yourself over at the website The Castle in the The bonus of that is there you can get familiar with the universe The Obsession takes place in and the main characters you'll be seeing as stories progress!

Aside from all of that, my Inktober month has been a lot of fun even when it feels a little inconvenient. Check out my Insta where I post them all first and give a little follow if you'd like~

All these lovely pictures that I can't wait to add extra detail when the month is over. I'm wondering if anyone would like to give them a home too?
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There's a little bit of overwhelming drive to go through and edit the O.U.R.S. Chronicler Defiant stories. It's like I want to, but it feels like a couple of steps backwards....

Slowly they'll all be put up, but bare with me because aside from that our first season of Counterworlds is nearly halfway through!!

Thanks to all those who've listened so far and for sticking around!

Share with your friends, convert them to the dark-grey side, and stay tuned for more stories, content, and dumb videos like this:

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My new website is up, featuring my stories, comics and art. I love the layout so far and hope it works best for what I want it to do.

O.U.R.S. Chronicler Defiant series has started, you can read it for free on my website~

And as well as that, Counter Worlds has started! Listen to the first story, Trust No One by Attikus-Star on Soundcloud or Youtube.
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To start off this new year, I like to say I'm proud of myself for actually starting the process of self-publishing O.U.R.S. Chronicler. I have lots of chapters to type up, stories to review and more comics to put forth. In reality I'd like to just set up the story on a website so anyone can read. I'm just happy to share my story after all, but I'll keep publishing the stories on Smashwords so if others enjoy it so much, they can buy a copy and take it anywhere~ And they'll be letting me know they want more, which will be totally awesome of them. And even more so eventually, I plan on making them all into audio, so you can listen instead while multi-tasking like I do with lots of books I've listened to since time is so precious.

Along with all of that, here we have Counter Worlds!! A podcast group, I and my best mates are part of. Coming soon~

The third in my artistic venture is commissions! I love to do them!! OCs! Fanart! What-have-you~! Prices here---> <3 
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I've officially published part one of the O.U.R.S. Chronicler Defiant series and I can't wait to get the next stories up.
I'm a little nervous but also pretty happy. All I've wanted to do was create stories and I certainly hope people will love them and the characters as much as I love them~

The cover for this little tale is here----> :3
....which is a rendition of the cover I posted a long time ago here!
(I like the update~)

The story is only $2 since there will be more, each with different point of views from the characters as time wears on and the primary story unfolds.
Once I have a few stories put up, I'm hoping to have the time to create comics showcasing snippets of the original story and extra events that transpired that I feel do better in a visual format.
At least this is my plan...
Ah well, hopelessly hopeful~
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I have this blog set up to write about what I write over at this thing here where I'll probably rant my little brain out to no one in particular, like this place here... Hmm.... I feel as if I'm caught in a loop!
Anywhoble, check out Paranoiac by Attikus! With illustrations done by me!
---> Smashwords!
---> Amazon!
Horror. Thriller. Just in time for Halloween. What fun!

Also! Upcoming podcast! Counterworlds! Check 'em out!

So many links! I know! But last bit, I swear...
I need to live, and I live for art, so let me do art for you! This page gives the low down on what I'll do and how much it is initially, though it is negotiable of course.

Final thing... I'm planning on publishing my stories! It's a series called O.U.R.S. Chronicler: Defiant. It's got time travel, dark humor, science fiction, adventure, fantasy - the whole she-bang (whatever that mess means...)!
Here's a bit from The Desire:

"I was only just understanding my feelings for her. Letting myself be consumed by the notion; I wanted sweetness, her in my arms. And then I was wrapped in this. A few hours and it changed again. I remember asking myself when did all this begin to matter hours ago in the bar. This is too much however, more than I can handle. In a few pure and blissful hours I let myself get close and now what she does mean more to me than I can even admit." -Yo-Yo

He's such a sweetie...

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My presence on DevArt and tumblr is so scarce lately because....

I'm working with this fabulous person here to illustrate his first novel!!

Whoo! It's a doozy so people should check it out when it's released!

Here's his official post of when it'll be available on his Faceboobs~!

Just in time for Halloween, my favorite time of the year!
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I'm all achy from some pulled muscle in my side from hiking. Curse the amusement I have for the outdoors!
Regardless I live a predominately stationary lifestyle.... Writing, drawing, contemplating my surroundings... Reality is relative.

I'm keeping myself busy, typing out my stories from all my notebooks that so desperately need to be typed.

Here's a piece I really like that I wrote:

"The sky is on fire with it's burning innumerable eyes, watching over me in passive restlessness. Each explosion is set apart in time and space, merging past, present and future. I can see it all, feel the ripples like shards, colliding into me skin. Infinitesimal marks etch their way into my bones and it aches. Endless agony from a beautiful sight. When all I want is to give in to this pain, a part of me survives. It grates against my being, wishing for an escape yet still I'll do nothing, taking each blow as if I deserve it.
So the darkness churns below."

It's so great to revisit old friends, isn't it?

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Gasp! I'm frightened and excited! Also I'm checking out this journal... I figure it will be good for progress updates.

Here's a brief overview if anyone is interested:

    I'm trying to be a more prominent artist, focusing on establishing networks/connections and enhancing my skills and style as we go. Hopefully I can one day make a living this way, or at least help me out financially as I write. Yes, write. As in I'm writing a story. More on that later... I'm half-way through something I've been working on since 2008. I'm so close to fruition which probably explains the relentless persistence of my depression and anxiety between moments of pure unabashed joy.

I'm ridiculous.