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Louisville, Kentucky. The place where Hank Roswell spent most of his life, from his childhood till his 24th birthday. It is a city where many famous artists, inventors, and other celebrities lived. Hank couldn't give a flying hoot about that. In fact, he never did pay much attention in school anyway, so telling Hank about Thomas Edison would only make him ask if the guy was a singer. His dream was to become an illegal street racer and win big. That usually caused him trouble with the law, resulting in having to pay fines he could barely get money for by doing the lowest jobs, such as washing toilets or working at zoos, removing animal dung.

Alien Ride

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Hank's crew from Alien Ride

Alien Ride 2D stuff

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The Crescent Moon SUV [Work In Progress]

Alien Ride 3D stuff

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The Ascended Ham

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Facsimile universe

Various stuff

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Chillest lizard I've found so far.

Lizard Photography

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RIP TF2 Soldier

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Fluffy Little Aphid


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Hauntborg [Chapter 1]

The First Delivery   It was a cold, rainy summer evening in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. On this damned weather, a young man was supposed to do his job. His job involved riding a motorcycle through the streets while carrying a precious cargo of pizza. On any day when the weather wasn’t giving him a cold welcome outside the pizzeria, he would enjoy doing his job. However, this day was going on his list of “Days when I’d rather call in sick and stay home.” Sure, he had a helmet and a leather jacket to equip himself with, but going through the shower that the streets had become was still going to give him a few inconv


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Two shrooms on a tree stump


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Snail Enclosure


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