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Hi, I have gotten a few pm's lately concerning Fjordson and what happened to it, and I feel like it's about time to clear that up.

Fjordson started as a little passion project that turned into a webcomic, and I had a lot of fun making it and running it for as long as I did, but I quit because I got a "real" job and became kinda depressed and put most of my projects on hold.
Then, out of the blue I was contacted from a publishing company in Norway (I'm Norwegian, lived in the US for school and work) who wanted to publish the comic, and have me make more books after that. Of course I said yes, quit my job in America and traveled back to Norway to pursue this.

So now, Fjordson is not going to continue online but it's going to be published books written in Norwegian (which is a shame for english readers) but I'm hoping it can be published in English one day too. 

I'm sad I'll be losing readers who enjoyed Fjordson while it was online, but I'm hoping to bring the story back to english readers one day, and it'll be way better than it was when it was online.

Also, a big details is that it has been renamed from Fjordson to "Northen lights" or "Nordlys" as it's named in Norwegian.

Below is the official cover, the book will be out in Norwegian book stores in February 2018, and contains new pages that were never published online :)

Cover Wip Egmont by Detkef

Thank you for everyone who followed the comic while it was up, hoping some of you will be able to get a hold of the printed version from the book store :)

OH, and if you wanna follow Nordlys's progress and generally what I do, folow me on instagram! @malintfalch

FORda by Detkef

Super excited to work on this chapter, I think you guys will like it!!

Update schedule will be Three times a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Fjordson's website

My tumblr Fjordson's tumblr



websiteheader919 NEW by Detkef

Hey guys, the past months I've been trying various methods of updating Fjordson here on Deviantart to let my followers know there's a new page. First I tried with small previews, but I didn't think that looked nice in my gallery, then I tried just posting all the pages here, but with a two week delay so the newest pages still has to be read on the website. But that I can understand is confusing for people who read the comic on the website then they see them being posted here on DA, it can make them question what part they're at.

So for now I'll just stop posting the pages here, and post the whole chapter at once when it's finished. I'd rather not have to update so many places at a time every time there's a page, and I don't want people to think I'm spamming. I hope that sounds okay, it is better to read the comic on the site anyways!

Of course, updates are as normal on the Fjordson website, 3 times a week!
I'm opening up 3 more commission spot, first come first serve.

So if you want a commission from me, check out the prices n stuff here, and send me a note! Payment is done through paypal.

Moleskine spread sketches of your characters, $60

Want some various sketches of your characters? I will do a sketch session in my moleskine for you! you can leave the situations up to me or suggest me something.

DA example by DetkefMoleskine sketch commission by Detkef

Character drawing, no background $80

A drawing of a character of your choosing, including a sidekick or animal if you want.
Peter and his wolves by DetkefTeen deer lineup by Detkef

Character headshot drawing with simple background $100

speed commission: Keegan by DetkefHarry J Potter by Detkef

Full figure character with simple background $170

they're back! by DetkefTitan Eren by Detkefasdfgh by Detkef

Full painting $200
characters and a full interactive environment scene

Jotundale by DetkefHiccup and Toothless VS. Hiro and Baymax by Detkef
Disclaimer: If you commission me with these prices you can not make money of the artwork I do, if you are looking for artwork to use with a product or similar, I have another price list I use that takes this into account.

spot 1: :iconrackthejipper:
spot 2: 
spot 3: 
yesterday I started up my new webcomic named Fjordson. I posted the prologue here on DA, and it can be viewed in my gallery

Fjordson prologue by Detkef

After I stopped doing Zombie Waffe, my previous webcomic that didn't quite get off the ground, I have really been missing doing another comic. I am sorry to anyone who really enjoyed ZW, but it doesn't look like I will pick it up ever again (which makes me kinda sad typing it) but I really hope if you enjoyed zw you will enjoy Fjordson. If you haven't read zw, head over here

So yes, my new webcomic is a continuation of a project I've been working on the past half year, which started out as a re-designing of Peter Pan set in a Norwegian fairy tale setting, but has since grown into something own. So if anyone is expecting an adaption or homage, that isn't going to be the case. None the less, I hope you can enjoy what this comic has in store.

head over to the webcomic page to read more about the comic and leave a comment if you want <3 I am excited how well the comment section works.

Next Sunday I will start posting the first chapter, I will update three times a week, sundays wednesdays and Fridays So please stay tuned!!!
Hi guys, I am starting a Patreon!!

I am planning to start making more tutorials, and my webcomic is launching soon, so I want to get this started to help me, and to give something back.

I am a pretty busy person with full time college, but I still want to make this webcomic happen and I also want to make a series of tutorials and videoes, but I'll need a little support.

When it comes to rewards, what would you guys like? psd's? videos? progress pics? 

here is the link I hope you'll be a supporter! my first goal is to pay for coffee so I can keep drawing while being awake!
the past 3-4 months I have been developing a new webcomic based on my peter pan re design

If you want updates and see more concept art for it, please follow my tumblr here

I am very excited about this and I'm hoping to release in May, and then update 3 times a week

A merry song by Detkef
I realize I can't sell fanart on Deviantart, so I'll find another site to sell my Hiccup and Hiro print, stand by!
lots of people have requested this image as a print, and now it is!

Hiccup and Toothless VS. Hiro and Baymax by Detkef

all sizes available I think. It will come with a black border though, you can choose to cut that or leave it for a cinematic effect.
I'm going to be at the alternate press expo Oct 4-5 Festival Pavillion, Fort Mason Center in san francisco, I'm at table 908 sharing with one of my amazing art teachers.

I'll be selling some fan art prints, so if you are coming, please swing by! This will be my first convention
thank you :iconthejadewritergirl: for taking the commission!

I will open more later
I'm doing another speed commission! speed commission means that I'll finish it in a day, or next day!

one slot open, 80 bucks, any character you want! (I usually charge $160)

send me a note if you're interested!

example: speed commission: Keegan by Detkef
thank you :iconthejadewritergirl: for taking the speed commission!

If I get this one done fast enough, I'll open another one!
I have decided to do a speed commissions before I travel next week, first person to claim this can get whatever character or creature they want drawn by me for... lets say $80 (I usually charge $160)

first come first serve, here are examples of things I can do for you

Titan Eren by Detkef asdfgh by Detkef Dragon warrior by Detkef Self portrait by Detkef
I forgot to post the link here, but I am streaming some personal work on livestream right now…

come watch! and ask me questions if you have any
I'm gonna be livestreaming some screenshot studies today, feel free to join and ask questions if you have them here:…
I am very much open for commissions again, but I can't take on too many so I'll make a list of 5 for now! If you want a specific style please tell me, I can do many.

prices and examples are here:

sketches: $50

Armed by Detkef

Line drawing: $100

party party by Detkef

portrait: $150

Harry J Potter by Detkef Jack frost v3 by Detkef Self by Detkef  (hella gloomy crowd lol)
character+ simple bg: $170

Titan Eren by Detkef asdfgh by Detkef Dragon warrior by Detkef

Full painting: $200

Fisheye by Detkef
Other side of the wall by Detkef
I AM DEATH by Detkef

Commission list:

1: :iconrackthejipper: :done
2: :iconalexiuss: :done
3: :iconxx-misericorde: :done
4: :iconxx-misericorde: :In progress

5: open

so hurry up before the spots get taken!! Send me a note of you are interested. 


go have a look!!
our blog is updated, take a look 

Me and friends at my art school (academy of art university) have an official school club where we get together and do homework, as well as other artwork. We do challenges and stuff to keep our

skills sharp and just making sure we are always drawing :p

we have around 30 members, but only around 15 are active, and for those active members I have made a blog so we can show off our stuff

Take a look! We will be updating often!