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tf2 comic: the boston basher
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Published: December 29, 2010
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At first I thought it was hilarious, but now it's just sad.

The boston basher is an item for Scout, if you miss your opponent you hit yourself. idiot.

And it's bloody useless.
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NOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooo SCOUT!! D'8
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thatguybrody's avatar
it is a great weapon to build uber for medic.

or as a tool for the current babyfaces blaster since the bleed damage builds for the speed.
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jackmcm-1998's avatar
Boston Basher:

As a weapon? Useless
As a tool to exploit uber-building mechanics on mediguns? Top-tier.
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XxFoxKid5674xX's avatar
Nooo! *tackles Scout so he wouldn't be killed* DONT YOU DIE ON ME, BUDDY!!
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doominator500's avatar
That was doctor assisted suicide!
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PurpleBat224|Hobbyist Digital Artist

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PPGgames|Hobbyist General Artist
r.i.p scout. hit himself with a bat
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Salty-Shino|Hobbyist General Artist
aww I always main as medic, but when someone calls I  atleast try to help!
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KateTheAnimatronic74's avatar
KateTheAnimatronic74|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Medic, no! Don't say that! You were my favourite! Oh, wait, you're on the BLU team, never mind, RED Medic is my favourite.
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PPGgames|Hobbyist General Artist
whats the difference?
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LadyLarka|Hobbyist Writer
That is just tragic. I hate seeing people in pain or crying. The fact that his team-mates dont care just makes it so much worse.
T-TFrozen - Elsa Crying Icon Ghost Crying Emoticon Icon Gif - Undertale Purple Guy Cry Icon 
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Needsmorerainbows2's avatar
Needsmorerainbows2|Hobbyist General Artist
Scout mah baby ;-;
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BoredomCake's avatar
BoredomCake|Student Digital Artist
ahww poor thing D:
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shadow3338182000's avatar
Ouch, right in the emotions......
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little-pencial|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i laughed when he missed until the next panel then i was like noooooooooooooo scout T^T
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GalixyCreamWolf|Hobbyist General Artist
Yep at first while reading the comic I was laughing at the fact that Scout missed and Sniper called him a wanka but then realization hit me in the face with a sandman and I realized that you die if you miss with Boston Basher so by the end of the comic, on that last panel, I was really sad.
But seriously the Boston Basher is as useless or even more useless as a Sniper facing a wall. 
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ToyBonniegal's avatar
poor scout
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horserax|Hobbyist Writer
I hate the boston basher. a character as fast as scout that swings as fast as scout and they exspect me to be precise? fuck no.
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Creepypastaislove12's avatar
I feel so bad for Scout, so sad ;-; Sad fayse. sad Sad Tard 
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techicoloredDisaster's avatar
techicoloredDisaster|Hobbyist General Artist
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zombienutjob's avatar
yeah the boston basher, the only weapon that you are likely going to kill yourself with more than the opponent
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