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and another drawing I forgot to post.

scarecrow is my favorite batman villain. hot stuff <3
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When you get to exposed to Scarecrows Fear Toxin...
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This is beautiful! Might I ask if it would be possible to allow me the indulgence of recreating this as a cosplay in the future? I'd, of course, credit you for the design!
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Looks very nice, also my favorite Batman villain
metelsnake45's avatar
ok this looks awsome you sir are awsome 
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Nice design for scarecrow. Really like the mask. And good work on the details, colouring and shading.
Wolven6's avatar
Pretty fwarking awesome! Getting some serious chills from this!
venjix515's avatar
One word. EPIC!
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im hungry to death
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Hi human thank you for giving this ghoul a costume to wear for the event you call Halloween :-)
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I guess this is a version of Scarecrow we would see, in Batman of Shanghai ! I really do love it !  
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Scarecrows awesome! :D 
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Doctor Crane will unleash all his power in Arkham Knight!!! X3
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This is so awesome, I just love him fgsdaghdfhagsfhgadhfdh~
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honestly i think the scarecrow design in arkham asylum was amazing
unlike the one we no from batman begins.
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I actually liked both versions :P
Scarecrowthefear11's avatar
hahahaha! "What are you afraid of...... are you scared?"
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Looks like Arkham Asylum's depiction.
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