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Peter and his wolves

By Detkef
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Peter and his wolf companions 

Peter found them as puppies after their mom was killed and skinned by vikings, he felt sorry for them and being as lonely as he was then, decided to raise them. He gave them the names Balder (means brave, also Balder was one of the sons of Odin in norse mythology) and Fenris (also from Norse mythology, Fenris was Loki's monster wolf child). They were his first real friends before he got the lost trolls.

vis dev for my peter pan re design project
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Is there an origin to this style of Peter Pan? :?
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Incredible do you take trades?
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wolf on the left is ready to mount him XD
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I love this pic !
The animation of characters is so nice, and the colors are gorgeous !
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Is this you're own style of Peter Pan?
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They are awesome! I love your creativity
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This is so adorable. You truly captured the please don't lick me face.
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Awwww !!!    :)
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I am weak against boys and wolves. 
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Dang these are great.  You've seen this right?…
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yes! her art is where I took inspiration from haha. Nice catch
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At first I thought this was a "Peter and the wolf" twist, I'd have loved that! But Peter Pan twist is great, too. :) The names for these wolves are thoughful and nice!

Gah, I love everything about this image! The warm painting style, the soft loving expression and poses of the characters, the natural colors and depths. And especially how you painted the wolves' fur. I have so much trouble making fur look natural, not too fluffy and not to human-hairy, but still wild and thick.

Your art still is simply gorgeous.
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:la: !!! ... So cute :heart:
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Oh god, this is so cute!
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pretty happy bunch there
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The texture of the fur makes me want to reach in and pet it. I too love Peter's expressions
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Love the expressions in the one, this piece makes me feel happy ahah :') Great shading and pose :D
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